PON 1896 New York State Clean Air School Bus Program Round 3


The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) is seeking applications for the New York State Clean Air School Bus Program, Round 3 (the Program). Applicants can apply for a project grant to have their currently operating school buses retrofitted with US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or California Air Resource Board (CARB)-certified/verified, emission-reducing technology or New York State Department of Transportation-approved diesel fuel-fired coolant heaters that provide supplemental heat for preheating the engine coolant and passenger compartment. Emission-reducing technologies include oxidation catalysts, crank-case ventilation filters, flow-through filters, and particulate traps or filters and NOx controls. Applicants can also apply for a project grant to support the purchase of an alternative fuel bus. Eligible applicants include municipalities, school districts, private contractors, and State agencies, departments, and public authorities.

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