Current Funding Opportunities, PONs, RFPs, and RFQs

If you are a homeowner or renter looking for financial incentives, see the Your Home page. The Funding Opportunities below are targeted towards businesses and researchers.

Technical questions should be directed to the appropriate project managers. The main NYSERDA phone number is toll-free 1-866-NYSERDA or local 518-862-1090 extensions and e-mail addresses for the project managers are listed below.

PON 2924 Fuel NY Portable Emergency Generator Program

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) is seeking applications from eligible retail motor fuel outlets (Stations) for the Fuel NY Portable Emergency Generator Program (Program). Program eligibility is limited to Stations in the downstate region affected by Section 192-h of the New York State (NYS) Agriculture and Markets Law, Alternate Generated Power Source at Retail Gasoline Outlets. Through the Program, NYSERDA may provide participating Stations with portable emergency generators and associated services during a declared energy or fuel supply emergency (Declared Emergency). Continuous
PON 3280 Multifamily Building Solutions Network

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) is seeking applications from seasoned experts in building science and energy efficiency that perform energy use analyses, building performance assessments, whole building software modeling, work scope development, design document review, installation verification, and oversight of project progress. NYSERDA will qualify and approve applicants to the Network to serve multifamily building owners, managers, and developers. Approved Providers have demonstrated their ability to provide multifamily building performance services by meeting and have met the requirements of this Application. Some components of the NYSERDA Multifamily Performance Program (MPP) require participants to work with a Provider. MPP provides incentives to building owners to help pay for multifamily retrofit projects to improve the energy efficiency of a property.

Multifamily Programs
Ext. 3078
RFP 1 Clean Energy Financing Arrangements

Revised 7/2014

NY Green Bank invites private sector capital providers and other clean energy industry participants to propose partnership arrangements with NY Green Bank that would facilitate the financing of clean energy projects (including energy generation and energy savings projects) in the State of New York.

NY Green Bank

RFP 3036 Energy Modeling Partners Application to Provide New Construction Technical Support

Applications accepted to 5/31/2016

NYSERDA seeks firms interested in assisting NYSERDA with delivering technical support services to increase the performance of buildings and their energy systems to reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions. Energy Modeling Partners will deliver technical services on new construction projects to building owners, developers and leaseholders.

Marilyn Dare
Ext. 3348
The New York Truck-Voucher Incentive Program (NYT-VIP)

The New York Truck-Voucher Incentive Program (NYT-VIP) is a streamlined program combining funding from three different sources and is designed to continue to expand the use of Diesel Emissions Control Device (DECD) equipment, compressed natural gas (CNG), battery electric hybrid, and fully battery electric medium- and heavy-duty trucks which reduce harmful emissions and the State’s dependence on foreign petroleum. The program is web based at opens in new window - close new window to return to this page. and provides incentives to dealerships that sell program eligible trucks and diesel emission control equipment. Patrick Bolton
Ext. 3322
PON 1601 Rev1 - New Construction Program

Revised 3/1/16

$19,351,548 is available through PON1601Rev1 to offset a portion of the incremental capital costs to purchase and install energy-efficient equipment in these buildings to reduce energy consumption. Financial support is based on the anticipated building energy efficiency improvements. A Green Building Bonus is offered to encourage applicants to integrate green building practices through either Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) or New York Collaborative for High Performance Schools (NY-CHPS) certification.

E. Stephen Finkle
Ext. 3505
PON 1746 - FlexTech Program

Revised 4/2016

FlexTech provides:

  • Cost-shared studies of energy efficiency technical analyses, process improvement analyses, energy master plans, and demand response opportunities of existing facilities for eligible customers
  • Cost-shared on-site combined heat and power (CHP) feasibility studies for eligible customers
  • Service providers an opportunity to become FlexTech Consultants for NYSERDA. FlexTech Consultants receive one-year agreements with NYSERDA to conduct technical analysis requested by eligible customers and NYSERDA.
Sheila Mahoney
Ext. 3630
PON 2112 - NY-Sun Solar Electric Incentive Program

Revised 4/2016

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) provides cash incentives for the installation by Eligible Installers/Contractors of new grid-connected Electric Photovoltaic (PV) systems that are 25kW or less for residential, and 200 kW or less for non-residential sites. Funding for the NY-Sun Incentive Program (“Program”) has been allocated by the New York State Renewable Portfolio Standard and Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. Incentives will be granted on a first-come, first-served basis, and PV incentive applications will be accepted through December 31, 2023, or until funds are fully committed, whichever comes first. Total Incentives available is subject to change.

Frank Mace
Ext. 3433
PON 2309 - Low-rise Residential New Construction

New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) Low-rise Residential New Construction Programs (Programs) incorporate the New York ENERGY STAR® Certified Home Program as well as NYSERDA's offer of eligibility for certain gut rehabilitation projects to participate and receive the alternative New York Energy $mart designation. Patrick Fitzgerald
Ext. 3385
PON 2456 Industrial and Process Efficiency Program

Revised Feb 2016
The Industrial and Process Efficiency Program Opportunity Notice (PON) 2456 offers performance-based incentives to manufacturers and data centers that implement cost-effective electric and natural gas efficiency and process improvements. This PON offers Process and Energy Efficiency incentives, as well as Operations and Maintenance Incentives. Stacey Sabo
Ext. 3037

Wendy MacPherson
Ext. 3553
PON 3010 Renewable Heat NY Biomass Boiler Program

Revised 8/7/2015

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) requests applications from qualified Boiler Installers/Contractors to participate in a financial incentive program to install approved pellet boilers and advanced cordwood boilers with thermal storage for eligible residential and commercial customers.

Ryan Moore
Ext. 3267
PON 3011 Community Solar NY Round 2

NYSERDA invites local governments, school districts, and other community partners to participate in Community Solar NY, a new effort to make solar easier and more affordable through community-driven initiatives. In 2016, NYSERDA will be supporting community solar projects known as “Solarize” campaigns. These are short term (approximately 6-9 months, including planning and outreach) local efforts to bring together groups of potential solar customers through widespread outreach and education, and help these customers choose a solar installation company that is offering competitive, transparent pricing. NYSERDA will provide marketing materials and technical assistance for qualifying projects, as well as funding for campaign expenses.

Community Solar

PON 3082 NY-Sun Commercial / Industrial Incentive Program

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) offers performance-based incentives for the installation of new grid-connected solar photovoltaic (PV) systems greater than 200 kW that offset the use of grid-supplied electricity. PV systems must be sized primarily to serve project load. Funding for the NY-Sun Incentive Program (“Program”) has been allocated by the New York State Renewable Portfolio Standard and Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. Incentives will be granted on a first-come, first-served basis, and PV incentive applications will be accepted through December 29, 2023, or until funds are fully committed, whichever comes first. Incentives available are subject to change.

PON 3106 CGC Phase II Implementation Grants Round 3

Funding through Cleaner Greener Communities Category 2 will no longer be available after March 31, 2016. Therefore, the CFA will be closed for this component of the program. However, Category 1 will remain open.

A new solicitation is currently being developed to replace Cleaner Greener Communities Category 2. NYSERDA will post a link on the Communities and Local Government page once the solicitation is available.

Through Round 3 of CGC II, NYSERDA is offering competitive grants for the implementation of market-transforming sustainability initiatives and projects that accelerate the adoption of sustainable planning and development practices, are innovative, create multiple community benefits, reduce carbon emissions, leverage public and private resources, and propel NYS toward an environmentally and economically vibrant and resilient future. Funding will support policy and plan development, technical assistance, and implementation of projects and initiatives that have the ability to be inspirational and replicated to expand market adoption and overall impact.

CGC Team

Category 3

Category 2

Category 1
PON 3242 Climate Change Adaptation Research and Strategies

The need for resiliency and adaptation under future climate conditions has come to the forefront in recent years. However, given the potential magnitude of climate change impacts and the complexities associated with implementing new approaches to enhancing resiliency and adaptation, many research and information needs remain. Approximately $2,000,000 is being made available through this PON for projects in two research categories related to our changing climate: (A) Energy Infrastructure Adaptation and (B) Other Sector Climate Change Adaptation. Multiple awards are anticipated in Categories A and B. Proposals should not exceed $300,000. Cost-sharing of at least 25% is preferred.

Amanda Stevens
Ext. 3325
PON 3261 Commercial Implementation Assistance Program

The Commercial Implementation Assistance Program (“Program”) seeks to offer cost-sharing to overcome a financial hurdle to install energy efficiency measures that have hard cost components that result in energy savings and that are not eligible for incentives that are available in the customer’s utility territory.

Peter Hoffman
Ext. 3585
RFI 2568 CHP Acceleration Program – CHP System Pre-Qualification

NYSERDA is accepting applications from vendors of packaged Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems in order to pre-qualify systems that will be eligible for incentives under PON 2568 - CHP Acceleration Program. Packaged CHP systems may consist of one or more prime movers and can be from 50kW to 1.3 MW in size. Vendors must submit a separate application for each system design or system size. When issued (anticipated in early Q4 of 2012), PON 2568 will offer approximately $20 million in incentive funds which will be available through 2016. Customers will be able to access these funds only for purchase and installation of the pre-qualified/conditionally-qualified equipment. Edward Kear
Ext. 3269
RFP 3044 NY Prize Community Grid Competition - Stage 2

NY Prize Stage 2: Detailed Engineering Design and Financial and Business Plan. NYSERDA is accepting proposals for funding to conduct detailed engineering and commercial assessments that evaluate the feasibility of installing/operating a community microgrid at a site within New York State.

Michael Razanousky
Ext. 3245
RFP 3174 Property Management Services - Saratoga Technology & Energy Park® (STEP)

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (“NYSERDA”) requests proposals from firms interested in providing full service, comprehensive professional building management services to maintain and preserve the grounds and building located at 10 Hermes Road, and the common areas of the 280-acre site known as the Saratoga Technology + Energy Park (“STEP”) in Malta, New York. It is expected the contract will commence on July 1, 2016. The term will be for three years, with two (1) year renewals at NYSERDA’s option.

Kevin L. Hunt
Ext. 3259
RFP 3239 Zero Emission Vehicle Support Contractor

On April 1, 2016 the New York State Legislature directed NYSERDA to develop an incentive program for Zero Emission Vehicles. This Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Support Contractor solicitation seeks to select a ZEV Support Contractor to assist New York State in evaluating potential options for developing a ZEV rebate for New York State and, if New York State chooses to pursue a rebate program, to administer such a program.

Patrick Bolton
Ext. 3322
RFP 3257 Renewable Portfolio Standard Program Purchase of Renewable Energy Attributes

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) seeks to procure the environmental attributes created by eligible generation resources under the Renewable Portfolio Standard Program (RPS Attributes).

RFQ 3164 Real Time Energy Manager Qualified Vendor

New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) is accepting applications from vendors, installers and service providers of Real Time Energy Management (RTEM) to become a RTEM Qualified Vendor. NYSERDA is seeking both RTEM System Providers (installers) and RTEM Energy Management Consultant Providers (monitoring services).

Joshua Clyburn

RFQL 3265 Technical Assistance for Reform of the Electric Distribution System and Market

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) is issuing this solicitation to establish a pool of contractors qualified to assist in conducting objective economic, policy, and technical analysis and analytical modeling to inform the modernization of the electric distribution system and markets in New York State, toward greater investment in and integration of clean distributed energy resources (DER). Vanessa Ulmer
Ext. 3018