RFQ 2417 - Innovation and Business Development Technical Assistance


The New York State Energy Research & Development Authority (NYSERDA) recently selected three organizations for funding under the Proof-of-Concept Centers (POCC) program in New York State. The POCC Initiative is built on the understanding that scalable startup companies are engines of both technology commercialization and economic growth; research institutions in New York are conducting a significant amount of energy-related R&D; the transition of the R&D to scalable business startups happens infrequently; changes in research-business startup ecosystem engagement can increase the rate of startup formation and the likelihood of startup success; and, there is a key gap at the “Proof-of-Concept” stage of product development. The goal of the POCC program is to provide early-stage investments and services to enable the development and validation of promising clean energy technologies that are, or will become, the platform for start-up companies located in New York State.

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