RFP 2621 - Technical Review and Program Support Contractors


The objective of this RFP is to select contractors to provide technical and program support services for NYSERDA programs which serve a range of customers across New York State. A customer may be small, medium or large in energy consumption or square footage; a public, private, or a non-for-profit entity; and include a variety of verticals, including but not limited to: commercial, industrial, agricultural, healthcare, institutional, data centers and retail.

  • Summary of Revisions [PDF]
  • Summary [PDF]
  • All files (including attachments) [PDF]
  • Attachment A: Proposal Checklist [PDF]
  • Attachment B: Disclosure of Prior Findings of Non-Responsibility [PDF]
  • Attachment C: Component Checklist [PDF]
  • Attachment D: Project Personnel and Billing Rates Form [PDF]
  • Attachment E: Contractor’s Designated Contact(s) [PDF]
  • Attachment F: Task Work Order Template [PDF]
  • Attachment G: Sample Agreement [PDF]
  • Attachment H: Sample Agreement [PDF]
  • Attachment I: Budget/Contract Pricing Proposal Form [PDF]
  • Attachment I: Budget/Contract Pricing Proposal Form [XLS]

Informational Sessions

  • Information Session Presentation with Questions & Answers [PDF]
  • June 10, 2013 - Attendance Sheet [PDF]
  • May 30, 2013 - Attendance Sheet [PDF]

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