2012 Closed Opportunities

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  • PON 2618 [PDF]
    Integrating Mobility Strategies for a Sustainable Multi-Modal Transportation Network
  • PON 2584 [PDF]
    Advanced Transportation Technologies
  • PON 2571 [PDF]
    Regional Economic Development and Greenhouse Gas Reduction Program
  • PON 2537 [PDF]
    Proof-of-Concept Center Initiative
  • PON 2484 [PDF]
    Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) Customer-Sited Tier Regional Program
  • PON 2474 [PDF]
    Electric Power Transmission and Distribution (EPTD) Smart Grid Program
  • PON 2454 [PDF]
    New York State Biofuel Distributor Program
  • PON 2441 [PDF]
    Implementation Contractor for Federal Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Vehicle Program
  • PON 2422 [PDF]
    Agriculture Disaster Energy Efficiency Program
  • PON 2419 [PDF]
    NYSERDA Entrepreneurs-In-Residence
  • PON 2414 [PDF]
    Innovation in the Manufacturing of Clean Energy Technologies
  • PON 2276  [PDF]
    Renewable Portfolio Standard Customer-Sited Tier Anaerobic Digester Gas-To-Electricity Program
  • PON 2260 [PDF]
    Environmental Monitoring, Evaluation, and Protection (EMEP) Program: Climate Change Adaptation Research
  • PON 2251  [PDF]
    Commercialization Option Program
  • PON 2058A [PDF]
    New York City Private Fleet Diesel Retrofit Program
  • PON 2032 [PDF]
    Green Jobs Green New York Training, Expanding Field Certification Exam Capacity and Development of Oil/Gas Furnace Installation Technician Standards
  • PON 1501 [PDF]
    New Construction Program
  • PON 1116 [PDF]
    Invitation to Development at the Saratoga Technology + Energy Park® (STEP®)
  • PON 6 [PDF]
    Amenities Retail Center Development at The Saratoga Technology Energy Park


  • RFP 2583 [PDF]
    Commercial and Industrial (C&I) Outreach Contractors
  • RFP 2574 [PDF]
    Customer Service Hotline and Fulfillment Services
  • RFP 2570 [PDF]
    Regional Economic Development Outreach
  • RFP 2563 [PDF]
    Multifamily Energy Performance Portfolio Implementation Services, 2012-2017
  • RFP 2555 [PDF]
    Quality Assurance Service for the Home Performance ENERGY STAR®
  • RFP 2550 [PDF]
    Consumer Education Program for Residential Energy Efficiency
  • RFP 2545 [PDF]
    Multifamily Energy Performance Portfolio Quality Assurance Services, 2012-2017
  • RFP 2522 [PDF]
    Implementation and Support Services for NYSERDA's Low-rise Residential New Construction Programs
  • RFP 2495 [PDF]
    Low Income Forum on Energy Program Implementation
  • RFP 2485 [PDF]
    Implementation Contractors for the NYSERDA Commercial Midstream Market Partner Programs
  • RFP 2483 [PDF]
    Outreach and Project Consulting to Support the New Construction Program (NCP)
  • RFP 2472 [PDF]
    New York Products Program
  • RFP 2470 [PDF]
    Program Implementation Services for Residential Programs
  • RFP 2459 [PDF]
    Investment Banking and Underwriting Services
  • RFP 2438 [PDF]
    Multifamily Deep Energy Retrofit Competition Planning Consultant
  • RFP 2435 [PDF]
    Facilitation Services in Support of the West Valley Citizen Task Force
  • RFP 2413 [PDF]
    Accelerating Commercialization of Industrial Technologies
  • RFP 2391 [PDF]
    Cleaner, Greener Communities Regional Sustainability Planning Program
    (up to $2.7 million)
  • RFP 2384 [PDF]
    Residential Statewide Baseline Study
  • RFP 2266 [PDF]
    NYS Clean Energy Technologies Innovation Metrics
  • RFP 2282 [PDF]
    RPS-CST Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) Support


  • RFQ 2561 [PDF]
    Flexible Energy Technical Analysis 2
  • RFQL 1226 [PDF]
    Copywriting and Technical Writing and Editing Services
  • RFQ 15 [PDF]
    Technicians for New York Green Residential Building Program