2009 Closed Opportunities

  • PON 1146 [PDF]
    RPS Customer-Sited ADG-to-Electricity Program
  • PON 1150 [PDF]
    Renewable Portfolio Standard Custom Sited Tier Fuel Cell Program 
  • RFP 1192 [PDF]
    Linking Behavioral Insights to Energy Decision Making
  • PON 1197 [PDF]
    Technical Assistance Program
  • PON 1200 [PDF]
    Environmentally Preferred Power Systems and Energy Storage Technologies
  • RFP 1209 [PDF]
    Flexible Technical Assistance Services Program for reconsolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc. and Orange and Rockland Utilities, Inc. Electric and Gas Service Territories
  • PON 1217 [PDF]
    Advanced Energy Systems for NYC Passenger Mass Transit
  • RFQL/RFP 1224 [PDF]
    Full Service Marketing, Graphics, and Public Relations
  • PON 1232 [PDF]
    Emerging Insulation Practices for Existing Residential Buildings, Pilot
  • RFP 1235  [PDF]
    Financing for Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®
  • PON 1241 [PDF]
    Distributed Generation as combined Heat and Power (DG-CHP)
  • PON 1257 [PDF]
    Heating and Cooling
  • PON 1260 [PDF]
    Clean Energy Business Growth and Development
  • RFP 1263  [PDF]
    Energy Smart Focus Program on Industrial and Process
  • PON 1276 [PDF]
    Industrial Process & Product Innovation
  • RFP 1277 [PDF]
    Bond Counsel Services
  • PON 1283 [PDF]
    Wind and/or Photovoltaic Test and Research Center Development 
  • RFP 1284 [PDF]
    Statewide Customer Outreach and Education
  • RFP 1285 [PDF]
    Impact Assessment for the Natural Gas Efficiency Program
  • PON 1286 [PDF|2.6 MB]
    Clean Energy Training Accreditation & Certification
  • RFP 1289 [PDF|4.5 MB]
    Remove, Treat & Dispose of West Valley T-1 Bldg. Mixed Wastes - Certified Closure at Project End
  • PON 1292 [PDF]
    Acidic Deposition, Mercury Research and Synthesis 
  • PON 1294 [PDF]
    Emerging Technology for Residential Businesses
  • RFP 1300 [PDF]
    Commercial and Industrial Innovative Opportunities
  • RFP 1302 [PDF]
    Website Announcement
  • PON 1306 [PDF|2.4 MB]
    Clean Energy Business Incubators
  • RFP 1310 [PDF]
    Establishment of a New York Energy Policy Institute
  • PON 1520 [PDF]
    Advanced Transportation Technologies
  • PON 1524 [PDF]
    Fit-up and Equipment Incentives for Tenants at 107 Hermes Rd., Saratoga Energy + Technology Park®
  • PON 1554 [PDF]
    Energy Efficient Transport Systems
  • RFP 1559 [PDF]
    Radiation Protection Program Support Services for the West Valley Site Management Program
  • RFP 1613 [PDF] 
    Project Implementation Funding for State Energy Program
    American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA)
  • RFP 1621 [PDF]
    Energy Code Training and Support Services
  • RFP 1656 [PDF]
    Impact Evaluation for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Program
  • PON 1670 [PDF]
    Environmentally Preferred Power Systems Technologies
  • RFP 1681 [PDF|3.1 MB]
    Renewable Portfolio Standard Program Purchase of Renewable Energy Attributes
  • PON 1686 [PDF]
    Competitive Capacity-Based Incentive Program American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) State Energy Program
  • PON 1704 [PDF]
    NY Best Market Driven Research Program
  • RFP 1713 [PDF]
    Business Partners: Building Performance and HVAC Program