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Green Jobs Green New York

Low-interest Financing and Job Training

The Green Door Project NY
Green Jobs Green NY offers low-interest financing to help New Yorkers
identify energy savings and pay for home or business improvements.

NYSERDA’s newest initiative, Green Jobs Green NY, will allow small-business owners, not-for-profits, and homeowners throughout the state to make their offices and residences more efficient and comfortable and, at the same time, provide other New Yorkers with training to fill the green jobs projected to grow as a result.

Green Jobs Green NY offers New Yorkers free or low-cost energy audits to identify areas of potential energy savings—along with low-interest financing to help pay for the improvements to their home or business.

As consumers add to their homes’ energy efficiency—and long-term value—their neighbors will be learning the skills needed to install and maintain new green technologies. Green Jobs Green NY workforce training will help them qualify for the jobs created by New York businesses certified to conduct audits and install energy-saving equipment and improvements.

Green Jobs Green NY is the result of “Green Jobs Green New York” legislation signed into law in October of 2009, and uses revenue from the sale of carbon emission credits to fund the initiative.

Homeowners, business owners, not-for-profits and those interested in green-collar careers can call 1-877-NYSMART (1-877-697-6278) to learn more.

Last Updated: 07/01/2014