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Energy Use and Development in New York State

Information, Services, and Funding

For more than 30 years, NYSERDA has led the way with information, services, and funding to help New York.

NYSERDA incentives enhance and advance every facet of energy use and development in New York State, including research and development, renewable energy, business operations, home energy use, clean energy business growth, energy product commercialization and more.

Working with partners in academia and the public and private sectors, NYSERDA funding helps businesses grow and compete in New York State, helps homeowners afford energy investments and makes energy efficiency initiatives a reality for thousands of local governments all across New York State. NYSERDA’s work touches across the economic spectrum in diverse industries including healthcare, agriculture, hospitality, retail, manufacturing and more.

By working closely with business partners across New York State, NYSERDA disseminates information about energy efficient options and helps businesses succeed in a changing economy. NYSERDA brings together the people, funding and resources for our clean energy world.

Last Updated: 07/01/2014