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Curb Your Kilowatts with an Advanced Power Strip

Advanced Power Strip

Did you know that the electronics and appliances in your home continue to use energy even when they are turned off?

U.S. households spend over $100 per year to power certain features, such as clock displays and remote controls, while they are not on. This hidden electricity waste is known as “phantom power.” Power adapters, video game consoles, home entertainment systems, microwave ovens, devices with a remote control or “instant on” functions, computers, digital monitors and printers are all common household products that consume power even when they are turned off.

One easy way to eliminate phantom power is to use an advanced power strip. Products plugged into an advanced power strip go into standby mode when the control product is turned off. The circuitry detects the drop in electricity from the control product and cuts power to the other outlets saving you energy and money. Advanced power strips pay for themselves in less than two years through saved energy costs. A variety of power strips are available at electronics retailers and hardware stores.

For more ways to manage your energy consumption at home, visit NYSERDA Residential Programs.

Last Updated: 07/01/2014