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The Bucks and the Brainpower you Need to Accomplish your Energy-Efficiency Goals

NYSERDA provides financial and technical assistance to help you achieve your energy- and process-efficiency goals. From Ivy League colleges to big box retailers, from data centers to manufacturing facilities, we’ve helped thousands of New York State enterprises see millions of dollars in savings. Now that’s what we call Measurable Results.

Before you start your next energy-efficiency project, see what NYSERDA can do for you:

FlexTech Program—offers cost-shared, fuel-neutral technical services to help businesses make informed cost-effective energy-related decisions.

New Construction Program—provides technical and financial assistance to businesses that adopt energy-efficient technologies in new or significantly renovated facilities.

Existing Facilities Program—ideal for facilities interested in receiving financial incentives for making electrical and natural gas upgrades to their existing facilities.

Industrial & Process Efficiency Program—designed for manufacturing facilities and corporate data centers interested in upgrading operational and process efficiencies, this program offers serious incentives to eliminate inefficient practices.

Last Updated: 07/01/2014