Meteorological and River Gauging Stations

As part of NYSERDA's efforts to safely manage the Western New York Nuclear Service Center (WNYNSC), a suite of meteorological instruments was installed at the State-Licensed Disposal Area (SDA) at West Valley during the 2010 field season. In 2011, NYSERDA installed a river gauging station on Buttermilk Creek near the confluence with Cattaraugus Creek. The data generated from these instruments will support a number of activities, including assisting in NYSERDA's day-to-day management of the SDA and WNYNSC, and evaluating stream flow, site erosion processes and weather and climate trends.

The meteorological instruments measure wind speed and direction, barometric pressure, air temperature, relative humidity, and total precipitation, including amounts and intensities of rain, snow and hail. The river gauge records the level of Buttermilk Creek. Real-time data is uploaded to NYSERDA's office and a web host, the latter providing a graphical user interface to examine the data as well as a data download utility. The systems are equipped with a cellular modem for remote monitoring and a backup battery to ensure data collection when AC power is disrupted. For more information, see NYSERDA's West Valley real-time monitoring pageLink opens in new window - close new window to return to this page..

Last Updated: 09/16/2013