Research Agenda

NYSERDA is very active in climate change research. A new climate change research focus area has been created within NYSERDA's Environmental Monitoring, Evaluation, and Protection (EMEP) Program. EMEP's primary mission is to "increase understanding and awareness of the environmental impacts of energy choices and emerging energy options and provide a scientific, technical foundation for formulating effective, equitable, energy-related environmental policies and resources management practices." NYSERDA administers the program on behalf of the New York Public Service Commission and is funded by a systems benefit charge.

Within the realm of climate change, EMEP will coordinate research to address the following policy-related questions:

  1. What are the most significant ecological, public health, and economic issues in New York State relating to climate change and how can risks be managed and minimized?
  2. What key variables need to be monitored to assess climate change impacts in New York?
  3. What are the most cost-effective climate change mitigation/adaptation strategies for New York to pursue?

EMEP seeks to answer these questions through an agenda that will improve the scientific and technical foundation of climate change research. EMEP's priorities include reducing greenhouse gases and other climate-changing forces; understanding and monitoring impacts, managing risks, and identifying adaptation strategies; and conducting climate change outreach and education. For more detailed information, please read NYSERDA's Environmental Research and Monitoring Needs in New York State: A Multi-Year Research Plan for the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority's Environmental Monitoring, Evaluation, and Protection Program. [PDF]

Additionally, EMEP has developed a background paper on climate change: Climate Change in New York State: Developing a Research Strategy.[PDF]

Last Updated: 08/20/2012