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Additional Funding Opportunities

In a time of rapid technological advancement, the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) employs innovative means to aggressively confront the difficult energy and environmental challenges faced by New York State. Such a response is appropriate in light of the uncertainties that lie ahead in the global energy market, while offering endless opportunity for NYS to tap into the burgeoning economic arena that surrounds a modern-day shift toward environmentally-conscious alternatives. As a public benefit corporation, NYSERDA is committed to serving as a model of what taxpayers desire most from their government: efficient, flexible, responsive, and effective leadership that offers the greatest opportunity for achievement.

For the purpose of supporting energy-efficient environmental solutions and economic development across the NYS, this document is provided to you as a resource for finding additional financial, technical, and marketing assistance for your business. It is NYSERDA's intention that it be used as a tool to inform you of the services and capital available each year for economic development, product development, and technology transfer. NYSERDA encourages you to explore the programs and opportunities offered by the various entities listed here, as well as other resources that may not have been included.

Last Updated: 10/02/2014