Land Plan

Land Plan
STEP Site Plan

The Saratoga Technology + Energy Park® (STEP®) is designed to be a knowledge community, a high-energy park where like-minded companies can interact, share ideas and grow. The build-out of STEP is depicted on the Land Plan, with highlights summarized below:

  • STEP is a 280-acre parcel located in the Town of Malta, located 1.5 miles east of Exit 12 of I-87, the Adirondack Northway;
  • STEP is approved for 1,250,000 sf of development, for a mix of R&D, laboratory, light manufacturing and assembly, and office space;
  • Buildings in each neighborhood will be in close proximity to one another;
  • Buildings are to be a minimum 40,000 sf, and will range from single- to four-stories. Multi-storied buildings are preferable because they offer more design opportunity, achieve an effective scale to create memorable neighborhoods, conserve land and reduce coverage;
  • Each building is to achieve a minimum LEED™-certification, though silver or better is preferred;
  • Building design and features are to display a comprehensive array of sustainable design features;
  • The Park is maintaining 77% greenspace;
  • The building area within the ring road is Shovel Ready, with pre-permitting completed;
  • STEP is bordered on three sides by the Luther Forest Technology Campus, a 1,414-acre commercial park that is home to GLOBALFOUNDRIES, North America’s first 300mm computer chip fabrication plant.
Last Updated: 10/15/2012