Certified Tree Farm

STEP Ariel View
STEP Ariel View

In November 2009, the Saratoga Technology + Energy Park® (STEP®) was awarded Tree Farmer Certification by the American Tree Farm System® (ATFS). This certification demonstrates NYSERDA’s commitment to a sustainable forest and the responsible management of our woodlands.

ATFS, a program of the American Forest Foundation's Center for Family Forests, is committed to sustaining forests, watershed and healthy habitats through the power of private stewardship.

Since 1941, ATFS has educated and recognized the commitment of private family forest landowners in the United States. Currently, ATFS has certified 24 million acres of privately owned forestland and over 90,000 family forest owners who are committed to excellence in forest stewardship, in 46 states. Tree Farmers share a unique commitment to protect wildlife habitat and watersheds, to conserve soil and to provide recreation for their communities while producing wood for America. These individuals hold the key to the kinds of forests, forest activities and forest resources future generations of Americans will enjoy.

ATFS has established standards and guidelines for property owners to meet to become a Certified Tree Farm. Under these standards and guidelines, private forest owners must develop a management plan based on strict environmental standards and pass an inspection by an ATFS volunteer forester every five years.

Water. Wildlife. Recreation. Wood. The four sides of the Tree Farm sign tell the story of sustainable forestry ... a thriving forestland that has clean water, a healthy wildlife habitat and recreational opportunities. Our green and white diamond shaped Tree Farm signs are widely recognized across the country. ATFS, dedicated to putting more good forestry on more acres.

The American Forest Foundation (AFF) is a nonprofit 501(C)(3) conservation and education organization that strives to ensure the sustainability of America’s family forests for present and future generations. The organization's vision is to create a future where North American forests are sustained by the public which understands and values the social, economic, and environmental benefits they provide to our communities, our nation, and our world.

Last Updated: 07/22/2013