E85: NY Drivers Boost Energy Independence

Now there’s a renewable, American-made alternative to petroleum based fuels—E85

E85 is an American-made alternative to petroleum based fuels.
E85 is available at select retailers across New
York. Find the station nearest you.

What we generally call unleaded gasoline today is actually 90 percent gasoline and 10 percent ethanol, also known as E10. E85 is the term for motor fuel blends of 85 percent ethanol and just 15 percent gasoline, which can only be used in Flex Fuel Vehicles (FFVs)—which have a special modification designed for ethanol. Like all ethanol-based fuel sources, E85 is domestically produced, with the potential to boost our state and national economy.

E85 reduces our dependence on petroleum

The ethanol we make here in America is already replacing hundreds of thousands of barrels of foreign oil every day, and we have the capacity to replace more. Here’s another way to look at the energy-independence value of E85:

“E85 contains only 15 percent gasoline per gallon of liquid fuel. Therefore, a flex-fuel vehicle, using E85, will burn 6 and 2/3 gallons of ethanol for every one gallon of gasoline.”
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E85 vs. E10—price at the pump

The price New York State consumers pay for E85 can vary based on delivery charges, terminal mark-ups and retail station overhead. To help make E85 more affordable to New Yorkers, it is exempt from several standard gas taxes.

Figure 1: Itemized Price Components for E85 and Regular Gasoline (E10)

FIGURE 1: New York State has exempted E85 from the excise, petroleum business, and sales taxes that are charged on E10 gasoline.

The difference in price between E85 and E10 can vary widely, based on factors like competition among retail stations and the price of oil. Over the past four years, the average cost of E85 has been slightly lower than the average cost of E10—though at moments, market fluctuations have caused E85 to be significantly more or less affordable than E10.

Figure 2: Market Penetration of FFVs in New York

FIGURE 2: The pricing differential between E85 and E10 gasoline can vary over time and may be significant—both up and down. On average, E85 has been slightly more affordable than E10 in recent years.

Last Updated: 06/09/2014
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  • Visit PON 2290 and apply for a project grant
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Who Can Participate

Applications will be accepted from owners and operators of retail stations throughout the State that are open to the public

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