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Demonstrate Regional Digester/Bioenergy Facility at the County Campus:Cayuga County Soil & Water Bioenergy Enterprise (ST9175-1)

Cayuga County Soil and Water Conservatio


Cayuga County Soil and Water Conservation District contracted ECO Technology Solutions to determine the commercial viability of a regional digester-bioenergy enterprise at the county's office campus location or a nearby site. The feasibility assessment concluded that it is viable for the district to develop a regional digester/bioenergy facility at the County Campus. Key findings of the study included confirmation that the land behind the campus would be an appropriate site for the regional digester/bioenergy facility. The three facilities on the campus could be supplied with electricity and heat from on-site generation to reduce current energy costs of approximately $397,000 per year. The district was successful in securing the interest of two local dairy farms and one pig farm to provide manure feedstock for the digester when the digester construction is completed. Two local food processors are willing to provide organic residue feedstock for the digester. Delivery of the feedstock from the contracted farms and food waste from the local food processing industries would be brought to the digester facility by means of manure transport trucks. Equipment and procedures can assure safe and economic delivery. A conceptual design for the bioenergy facility was established, based on the estimated feedstock from the local suppliers. The recommended digester technology is the aboveground mesophilic hydraulic-mix, which has superior performance in European applications.

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Project Description

A hydraulic-mix digester of European design will be constructed adjacent to the County Campus. An internal combustion engine will be installed to convert the biogas into 625 kW of electricity and heat for the campus site. The power generation system output is sufficient to offset all current campus electricity needs (7117 kWh/day average), service the electricity needs of the bioenergy facility (1,920 kWh/day), and export the remainder to the grid (3,986 kWh/day). Of the heat produced by the system, 38% would support the digester operations. The remaining thermal energy will be used to offset the thermal requirements of the campus buildings.


The demonstration project will be evaluated according to the following metrics: (1) Reduced on-site energy costs (2) Improved power reliability for host site (3) Reduced greenhouse gas emissions (4) Reduced electric power peak load on the grid

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Cayuga County Soil and Water Conservatio
7413 County House Rd
Auburn, NY 13021

Principle Investigator

Sandy Huey

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On-site Power Production

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Anaerobic Digester

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Edward Kear


R&D - Mfg Tech & On-Site Pwr

Contract Details

Start Date: 1/11/2010
Project Status: Active
Contract Number: ST9175-1

Last Updated: 4/27/2012