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EV Tourism in the Empire State(39140)

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In the past three years, several efforts across the country have promoted electric vehicle (EV) tourism at different scales: the urban scale, along scenic byways, and statewide. These efforts, like the EV industry as a whole, are still in their infancy, yet they showcase opportunities to link EVs with tourism-led economic development. Drivers’ personal experiences with EVs can be a major driver toward influencing their next car purchases, and well-planned EV tourism trips and rented EVs are a good, low-risk way to experience EVs for the first time. The emergence of EVs creates several benefits for New York State, not the least of which are health and environmental benefits, and reduction of foreign energy dependency. New York State has a number of programs to increase adoption of EVs, in particular the Charge NY Initiative, which has facilitated numerous EV purchases and funded hundreds of electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) installations. WXY Architecture + Design has previously conducted research on EVSE siting and design, clusters for EVSE deployment, and demographics of EV owners. All of this research points toward the viability of EV tourism. Further research into how to design a successful EV tourism program could help grow EV ownership and expand the network of EV infrastructure to new parts of the state.

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WXY will analyze potential opportunities for developing EV-based tourism “ecosystems” in areas within typical EV driving range of New York City as well as those within a Metro-North train ride away from New York City, in particular the Catskills, Hudson Valley, and Capital Region. EV tourism would be designed to increase opportunities for early adopter demographics to experience EVs, and overall EV awareness. This study will analyze: • Ideal characteristics for EV tourism consumers and destinations. • Potential interest from EV rental and car-share companies in EV tourism, in general, and EV tourism destinations, in particular. • Potential “hub” Metro-North stations and “spoke” tourism destinations. • Design and implementation issues for EV tourism and associated EVSE.


By introducing the curious and the intrepid to vehicle models that lack broad market acceptance, EV tourism can boost sales and leasing of these vehicles, ushering them into the mainstream. The proposed study will directly address the range anxiety issue by plotting an emergent EV ecosystem designed to support early adopters and aspirational early adopters in two principal destination clusters. Also, an electric vehicle tourism strategy will help the NYS tourism and hospitality industry capture a greater share of the growing “green” or “conscientious” travel market.

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Adam Lubinsky

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Adam Ruder


R&D -Transport & Power Systems

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Start Date: 7/17/2014
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