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High Occupancy Taxi Rides(30530)

Weeels Inc.


People traveling to and from airports and other “passenger hubs” often do so using single occupancy vehicles (SOVs) or single passenger vehicles (SPVs), giving rise to significant fuel consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, pollution, traffic congestion/delays, and strained infrastructure. A case in point is the situation at LaGuardia Airport, where SOVs/SPVs comprise the most common modes of ground transport due to a general shortage of available alternatives. To divert SOV/SPV users into a new, more efficient option, Weeels, Inc. has developed a hardware-software system called High Occupancy Passenger Queue (“HOP Queue”), to foster taxi ride-sharing among ground travelers leaving LaGuardia. This work has been done in collaboration with NYSERDA, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, and the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission.

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In this new project, Weeels seeks to leverage its HOP Queue experience by developing a system that fosters taxi ride-sharing on trips into LaGuardia. The new concept, called High Occupancy Taxi Rides (“HOT Rides”), is to be a web application that reduces SOV/SPV trips by “batching” incoming taxi passengers who have nearby or co-linear origins, i.e., origins that can be serviced by one vehicle without significantly increasing driving distance. Examples of targeted users include individuals who otherwise would be the only passenger in a limo/taxi going to the airport, or who would drive their own vehicle to the airport. A preliminary development phase has been completed. The project team will now develop: a marketing plan, including analysis of fare discounts and other incentives to attract users; processes to integrate HOT Rides with HOP Queue, and with the operations of a limo/taxi fleet operator; a demonstration project, including rolling analysis and modifications based on user feedback; and a summary analysis of the HOT Rides concept. If the new service has merit, plans call for it to be marketed through multiple channels, including social media, airlines, and corporations with high travel costs.


By promoting more efficient ways to provide highway transport into passenger hubs, the subject project could provide significant reductions in petroleum consumption, with proportionate reductions in emissions of greenhouse gases and air pollutants. Also, the technology studied here could provide economic growth opportunities for New York companies.

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Weeels Inc.
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David Mahfouda

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Product Development

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Joseph Wagner


R&D -Transport & Power Systems

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Start Date: 4/9/2013 1
Project Status: Active
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