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Industry R&D Program Areas

Industry R&D Program Areas

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Annual Programs

The Innovation in the Manufacturing of Clean Energy Technologies Program (IMCET) supports research, development, demonstration, and commercialization of energy-efficient technologies that improve the manufacturing process for clean-energy technologies that are developed or produced in New York State. This Program will deliver not only manufacturing process improvements, but also make the manufacture of clean energy technologies better, faster, cheaper and cleaner, thus enhancing their viability in the market. Contact: Davetta Thacher, (dmt@nyserda.ny.gov) 518-862-1090 ext. 3603 or Miriam Pye, (mep@nyserda.ny.gov) ext. 3370

The Accelerating Commercialization of Industrial Technologies Program (ACIT) is intended to accelerate market development of NYSERDA-R&D-supported industrial clean energy technologies by supporting multiple demonstrations for selected technologies, training NYS-based manufacturing staff and commissioning engineers to promote new clean energy technologies throughout NYS, and developing best practices guidebooks for each technology selected. This approach will defray early-adoption risk and make markets and underutilized technologies more compatible with NYSERDA deployment programs and market uptake without incentives. Contact: Miriam Pye, (mep@nyserda.ny.gov) 518-862-1090 ext. 3370 or Davetta Thacher (adc@nyserda.ny.gov) ext. 3603

Distributed Generation as Combined Heat and Power

DG-CHP is a fuel-efficient technique for producing electric power at or near the point of use (often called on-site power) and recycling the exhaust heat from the generator for useful purposes. Often called Cogeneration, this simultaneous production of useful heat and power is more efficient, and can be more economical than the traditional model of buying central-station-produced electric power and making ones own heat in an on-site furnace or boiler.

CHP Demonstrations Program

NYSERDA's CHP Demonstrations Program is stimulating the DG-CHP marketplace in New York State by funding the demonstration of high-efficiency CHP systems in industrial, institutional, commercial, and residential applications, which serve as models for others to replicate. This program also addresses hurdles to widespread deployment of CHP imposed by existing siting and permitting regulations, utility interconnection rules and standby service tariffs. The program rigorously documents lessons learned and performs technology transfer, through participation in conferences and workshops, hosting of tours at CHP demonstration sites, and monitoring CHP system performance and sharing data so that follow-on replication of proven configurations can be installed faster, better and cheaper. CHP performance data for over 30 current projects can be found at chp.nyserda.orgLink opens in new window - close new window to return to this page..


Dana Levy
518-862-1090, Ext. 3377

Ed Kear
518-862-1090, Ext. 3269

For more information on CHP visit: Controls/DG-CHP

Special Programs

These programs were derived from Industrial Process and Product Innovation Program, each year the demand grew for these industrial sectors. To better suit the industry needs, NYSERDA offers the programs below every few years. For the years that the programs are not offered, projects are still eligible under the Industrial Process and Product Innovation program.

Ultraviolet and Electron Beam Curing (UV/EB)

This program will support research, development, demonstration, and commercialization of innovative UV and/or EB manufacturing process improvements in NYS and NYS-manufactured energy-efficient products targeted at industrial process applications involving UV and/or EB technologies. The goal of the program is to elicit behavioral changes in the NY State industrial marketplace leading to the increased adoption of these energy efficient, inherently green technologies in numerous industrial markets, including, but not limited to, printing, heavy manufacturing, flooring and composites. Organizations electing to implement radiation cure technologies such as ultraviolet light (UV) and electron beam (EB) curing in their manufacturing processes can realize significant energy savings and productivity improvements. UV/EB curing of inks, coatings, adhesives, composites and medical and electrical devices is a very rapid, highly efficient, proven manufacturing process which provides substantial productivity enhancements in addition to minimizing or eliminating the need for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to be used as diluents.


Scott Larsen
518-862-1090, Ext. 3208

Biomimicry: A Technique for Adapting Design Strategies from Nature for New and Improved Products

Biomimicry, intentionally looking to nature for inspiration, may be able to help usher an entrepreneur from concept to commercialization better, faster, and cheaper. For this reason, NYSERDA has embarked on an effort to popularize biomimicry among New York State-based inventors.

Over one hundred years ago, the Wright Brothers famously studied the flight mechanisms of birds for inspiration in their design of the airplane. They didn’t slavishly copy the flapping of wings, but instead focused on the intricate control of flight by wing-shape modification (as birds do when they tilt the end-feathers on their wings during stable turns). For the Wright Brothers, birds were an obvious mentor found in nature. Today, other inventors continue to look to nature for clues – a process referred to as biomimicry, and the results are astounding.

NYSERDA’s mission involves helping inventors and entrepreneurs bring their energy technologies from concept to commercialization. NYSERDA’s Research and Development programs contribute to New York State’s push toward an “innovation economy” where entrepreneurs can develop innovative companies as an economic development force. Contact: Miriam Pye, mep@nyserda.ny.gov 518-862-1090 ext. 3370.

For information on Industry R&D programs, please contact Dana Levy at dll@nyserda.ny.gov or 518-862-1090 ext. 3377.

Last Updated: 07/01/2014