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Manufacturing Technology Development

Additional ETAC Programs

Manufacturing Technology Development activities advance the application of new energy-efficient technologies in New York’s cleantech manufacturing base with strategic focus on strengthening competitive advantage, increasing productivity and reducing energy use and environmental footprint. These activities support the identification and validation of recently developed manufacturing processes and industrial products through demonstration and other methods designed to help overcome risk aversion by industry. They also support the engineering community, as well as the development of new manufacturing processes and industrial products.

Program Availability:

Certain programs are open continuously and receive applications on a first-come/first-served rolling admission basis. Other programs are offered periodically through a competitive format, where proposals received in response to a given due date will undergo a merit review by NYSERDA’s Technical Evaluation Panel (TEP); these programs typically have one or two due dates per year

Program Name Continuously-open Format Periodic Due Date Format

Innovation in the Manufacturing of Clean Energy Technologies (IMCET)


Accelerating the Commercialization of Industrial Technologies (ACIT)


Innovation in the Manufacturing of Clean Energy Technologies (IMCET) supports research, development, demonstration, and commercialization of energy-efficient technologies that improve the manufacturing process for clean-energy technologies that are developed or produced in New York State. This Program will deliver not only manufacturing process improvements, but also make the manufacture of clean energy technologies better, faster, cheaper and cleaner, thus enhancing their viability in the market. Contact: Miriam Pye, (mep@nyserda.ny.gov) ext. 3370

Accelerating Commercialization of Industrial Technologies Program (ACIT) is intended to accelerate market development of NYSERDA-R&D-supported industrial clean energy technologies by supporting multiple demonstrations for selected technologies, training NYS-based manufacturing staff and commissioning engineers to promote new clean energy technologies throughout NYS, and developing best practices guidebooks for each technology selected. This approach will defray early-adoption risk and make markets and underutilized technologies more compatible with NYSERDA deployment programs and market uptake without incentives. Contact: Miriam Pye, (mep@nyserda.ny.gov) 518-862-1090 ext. 3370

Special Program Support
The Manufacturing Technology Development Program has helped establish the following Technical Assistance Contractors to provide specialty services to the NYS cleantech community.

Ultraviolet and Electron Beam Curing (UV/EB) Technology Applications Center at SUNY ESF
This Center works with NYS companies to research, develop, demonstrate, and commercialize innovative improvements to UV and/or EB manufacturing processes or product usage. The Center’s goal is to elicit behavioral changes in the New York State industrial marketplace leading to the increased adoption of these energy efficient, inherently green technologies in numerous industrial markets, including, but not limited to, printing, heavy manufacturing, flooring and composites. Organizations electing to implement radiation cure technologies such as ultraviolet light (UV) and electron beam (EB) curing in their manufacturing processes can realize significant energy savings and productivity improvements. UV/EB curing of inks, coatings, adhesives, composites and medical and electrical devices is a very rapid, highly efficient, proven manufacturing process which provides substantial productivity enhancements in addition to minimizing or eliminating the need for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to be used as diluents. A partnership among NYSERDA, the Center, and RadTech in 2009 launched the RadTech uv.ebEast Conference which recurs in New York State every other year. Contact: Scott Larsen (LSL@nyserda.ny.gov) 518-862-1090 ext. 3208.

Biomimicry Technical Assistance Contractor/Virtual Biomimicry Innovation Center
Biomimicry, intentionally looking to nature for inspiration, may be able to help usher an entrepreneur from concept to commercialization better, faster, cheaper and cleaner. NYSERDA is leading the way for New York State to become a hub of biomimicry: researchers at the state’s universities are developing innovative technologies inspired by functions in nature, and the state’s most forward-thinking businesses are discovering the market advantage that can be gained from mimicking nature’s efficient designs.

NYSERDA is building a network spanning New York State and its complex institutional and business landscapes. A virtual Biomimicry Innovation Center (virtual BIC) will serve as an online entry point into the growing pool of interdisciplinary research, business, and funding that is geared towards applying biomimicry innovations. In addition to a web presence that will provide information and online interaction, the virtual BIC will host in-person seminars and gatherings in various locations in the state, aimed at sharing knowledge and creating project teams. The BIC will bring together entrepreneurs, researchers, existing businesses, and potential investors and provide:

  • Information on funding streams available for biomimicry-based research;
  • Introductions to potential partners for feasibility studies, prototyping, and commercialization projects;
  • Access to a team that can help identify potential biomimetic solutions to industrial challenges; and
  • Previews of biomimetic technologies that are ripe for marketplace success.

Manufacturing Sector Overview Brochure [PDF]

Contact: Miriam Pye, (mep@nyserda.ny.gov) 518-862-1090 ext. 3370

For information on the Manufacturing Technology Development Program, contact Dana Levy (DLL@nyserda.ny.gov) 518 862-1090, ext. 3377

Last Updated: 03/04/2014