A Technique for Adapting Design Strategies from Nature for New and Improved Products

Biomimicry, intentionally looking to nature for inspiration, may be able to help usher an entrepreneur from concept to commercialization better, faster, and cheaper. For this reason, NYSERDA has embarked on an effort to popularize biomimicry among New York State-based inventors.

Over one hundred years ago, the Wright Brothers famously studied the flight mechanisms of birds for inspiration in their design of the airplane. They didn’t slavishly copy the flapping of wings, but instead focused on the intricate control of flight by wing-shape modification (as birds do when they tilt the end-feathers on their wings during stable turns).  For the Wright Brothers, birds were an obvious mentor found in nature. Today, other inventors continue to look to nature for clues – a process referred to as biomimicry, and the results are astounding.

NYSERDA’s mission involves helping inventors and entrepreneurs bring their energy technologies from concept to commercialization. NYSERDA’s Research and Development programs contribute to New York State’s push toward an “innovation economy” where entrepreneurs can develop innovative companies as an economic development force.

Last Updated: 08/14/2014
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How To Participate

Consider a nature-inspired approach to developing a product or solving a problem associated with any NYSERDA Research & Development Program Opportunity Notice (PON).

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Who Can Participate

Any R&D PON proposer meeting the qualifications of the solicitation

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Who To Contact

Miriam Pye

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