NYSERDA - NY-BEST Working Groups

Based on input from the April 20, 2009 NY-BEST Stakeholder Workshop, three working groups were formed to establish the direction and formulation of NY-BEST: 

  • NY-BEST Governance,
  • Market-Driven Research Needs, and
  • Testing Facility Capabilities / Current State Assets. 

NY-BEST Governance

This working group will establish the mission statement for NY-BEST, define metrics for evaluating success, provide guidance to help NY-BEST move towards independence from NYSERDA. This group will be responsible for establishing a legal entity, determining a governance structure, bylaws, rights, and responsibilities of members, and other items necessary to allow NY-BEST to leverage the collective resources of its members. This working group will also provide guidance to NYSERDA regarding the solicitation of a coordinator for the NY-BEST Consortium and support efforts to increase collaboration between its members.

Market-Driven Research Needs

This working group will establish market-driven technical direction(s), goals, and strategies for the NY-BEST Consortium including world-class capabilities and research to meet these goals. It will also provide guidance to NYSERDA regarding the scope and objectives of an initial solicitation to fund collaborative research projects.

Testing Facility Inventory and Needs

This working group will inventory existing battery and energy storage testing needs and capabilities in New York. The group will provide guidance on how to address those needs either by leveraging existing assets or by providing additional assets. It will also provide guidance and direction to NYSERDA regarding the development of a solicitation to fund additional NY-BEST testing capabilities and/or facilities.

Last Updated: 07/01/2014