Ener-G-Rotors Closes $1.5 Million Financing with Bright Capital

Ener-G-Rotors, Inc. - Rotterdam, NY

September 12, 2012

Ener-G-Rotors, Inc. an energy company based in Rotterdam, NY, has created a device that converts lower temperature waste heat, which is normally wasted in exhaust gases, into electricity. The company has landed $1.5 million from Bright Capital Seed Fund, a division of a Russian venture capital firm, as well as $150,000 from the Eastern New York Angels LLC, to accelerate the company’s commercialization efforts. The company has also received roughly $1.7 million in initial funding from NYSERDA to aid its early development.

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Information on NYSERDA's Research and Development Projects with this company: Ener-G-Rotors, Inc.

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17 Fern Ave.
Rotterdam, NY 12306

Last Updated: 06/26/2013