Energy Innovation and Business Development

NYSERDA’s Innovation & Business Development programs foster the demonstration of advanced technologies and the growth of a clean energy eco-system in New York. NYSERDA brings together strategic public and private partners to support clean energy entrepreneurs across the state and accelerate the development and commercial introduction of emerging clean-energy technologies in New York. Achieving transformative breakthroughs in technology that can help New York State meet its energy and climate challenges requires innovation in a broad range of technologies across all sectors of New York’s economy – transportation, manufacturing, power generation, buildings (residential, commercial, and multifamily), and energy delivery infrastructure. In addition, recognizing that inventions of new energy technologies alone is not sufficient, NYSERDA takes a three-pronged approach that considers technical, business, and regulatory issues - in parallel - to increase the rate of innovation and accelerate the commercialization process. Includes: Technology Research & Development, STEP®, and Business Development.

Research and Development Program Areas

  • Energy Resources
    NYSERDA is working to build a vibrant renewable energy industry in the State through its programs working with industry, the renewable energy workforce, inspectors, and other associated businesses. NYSERDA invests in renewable energy through programs that provide funds to emerging businesses for product and business development, product marketing assistance, incubators for start up industry and other support.
  • Transportation
    NYSERDA’s transportation programs are designed to provide funding opportunities for projects, and innovative research and development initiatives that reduce emissions, improve air-quality, and reduce our dependency on imported oil. The programs are designed to promote business development, protect the environment, increase energy reliability, and enhance a competitive transportation-energy market.
  • Power Systems
    The Power Systems Program supports the development and commercialization of Clean-Tech Power Generation. The program emphasizes advances in renewable generation such as wind, solar, hydro, waste heat recovery as well as fuel cell and enabling technologies that improve power delivery reliability such as energy storage technologies.
  • Energy and Environmental Markets
    The Energy and Environmental Markets program manages several initiatives that pioneer the use of innovative, commodity market-based mechanisms such as carbon dioxide emission allowances and tradable renewable energy credits as a means to encourage the development of cleaner electricity generation and foster environmental improvement. 
  • Industry
    NYSERDA's Industrial Research and Development Program helps New York State manufacturers become more competitive by adopting energy-efficient, environmentally friendly technologies, and developing energy-efficient, environmentally desirable products that are sold all over the world. These activities translate into more jobs, a stronger economy, greater energy security, and a healthier environment in New York State.
  • Buildings
    The Buildings R&D program has supported the potential to greatly improve energy and environmental efficiency of our building stock by funding research and development capabilities of component and material suppliers; facilitating communication between the design and construction industries; promoting the availability of information and appropriate price signals to encourage acceptance and adoption of innovative technology by market participants.
  • Transmission and Distribution
  • Environmental Research
    NYSERDA's Environmental Research Program develops and demonstrates energy-efficient technologies associated with waste management and pollution control and supports research to better understand the environmental impacts of energy production and use.
  • Innovation & Business Development
    This program supports clean energy development and manufacturing from early stage-seed funding to readiness for commercial introduction, focusing on the business development component of successful product commercialization, as well as the development of an environment that fosters entrepreneurial innovation. The program is designed to complement other R&D sector areas (buildings, clean power, smart gird, transportation) with an ultimate goal of creating clean energy businesses in NYS and accelerating commercial introduction of new technologies for wide scale market deployment.

Clean Energy Business Partners

NYSERDA’s Clean Energy Business Partners have received funding from R&D to explore new ideas, expand production, and promote emerging technologies in clean energy and energy efficiency. 

Current Initiatives

To learn more about the companies leading New York’s lean Energy initiatives visit NYSERDA Clean Energy Business Partners.

R&D Highlights

Last Updated: 08/14/2014