• Home Energy Raters
    Certified Home Energy Raters work alongside builders in our New York ENERGY STAR Homes program. Builders under the New York ENERGY STAR Homes® program build energy-efficient, safe and comfortable homes. Before earning the ENERGY STAR label, each home built under the program receives a rating.
  • Participation
    All Raters in the New York ENERGY STAR Homes Program must obtain certification and acquire certain equipment necessary to perform the rating. To help you successfully complete the certification exam, the New York ENERGY STAR Homes Program provides training.
  • Support and Incentives
    All training and resulting certifications are eligible for reimbursement, including 20% off the cost of all eligible diagnostic equipment purchased, up to $4,000.
  • Solar Electric (PV) Installers 
    NYSERDA provides incentives for the installation of new grid-connected solar electric (PV) systems. NYSERDA is accepting applications to become an Eligible Installer through PON 2112.
  • Solar Thermal Installers
    NYSERDA is accepting applications from individuals to become Eligible Installers under the Solar Thermal Program (PON 2149). Prospective installers can apply for Eligible Installer status any time while the Program is open. Once approved to participate as an Eligible Installer, and after execution of the Eligible Installer Agreement, Eligible Installers can apply for financial incentives for approved Solar Thermal systems meeting the requirements of the Program.
  • Wind Installers
Last Updated: 10/17/2014