Residential Energy Efficiency Programs

NYSERDA offers a variety of programs that help New Yorkers reduce energy consumption, and improve the comfort and safety of homes.

  • Existing Home Renovations
    Use the Residential Energy Efficiency Program Comparison Chart to determine which of the following programs apply to you:
    • Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®
      FREE or reduced cost comprehensive, whole-house energy assessment or “energy audit” and low-cost financing are available through Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®.
    • Assisted Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®
      Income-eligible households can receive a subsidy (Assisted Subsidy) representing up to 50% of an approved energy efficiency project.
    • EmPower New York
      The EmPower program has provided more than 75,000 income-eligible New Yorkers with improved insulation, reduced draft, upgrades to lighting and replacement of inefficient refrigerators and freezers, all at no cost to participants.
  • Renewable Energy
    Advanced technologies such as solar electric, solar thermal, geothermal heating and cooling, and wind power produce heat and/or electricity from renewable resources. Incentives and tax credits are available putting ownership of a renewable energy system within reach.
  • Low-rise Residential New Construction
    Low-rise Residential New Construction Program offers builders and developers a variety of opportunities to differentiate their businesses and meet the demands of the market, inclusive of constructing New York ENERGY STAR® Homes.
  • Additional Low Income Assistance Programs incentives are available to low income customers through weatherization assistance, EmPower New York, Assisted Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®, and Assisted New York ENERGY STAR® Homes.
Last Updated: 10/07/2014