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Recycling and Disposal

Recycle whenever possible

CFL. Currently, New York State households can dispose of CFLs as normal household waste (businesses must follow a different set of regulations). However, NYSERDA and the EPA encourage New Yorkers to recycle them safely to prevent the release of mercury into the environment and allow for the reuse of glass, metals and other materials. Many municipalities accept them at household hazardous waste facilities and many retailers will recycle CFL bulbs purchased through them.

LED. Most LED lights can be disposed of in the same way as incandescent bulbs. However, most LED lights today are made with materials that are all recyclable, but check the bulb package to confirm.

Incandescent. Check with your local municipality to see if they accept incandescent light bulbs for recycling. If they do not, toss burnt-out bulbs into the trash, since they don't contain any toxic materials.

Halogen. Halogen lamps are not recyclable at this time and should be thrown away with your household trash.

Last Updated: 04/10/2014