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EmPower New York Eligibility Guidelines

Homeowners and renters must meet income requirements to qualify for EmPower New York. You may be eligible if you can answer “yes” to these statements:

  • I live in a home or building with 100 units or fewer
  • My household income is below 60 percent of the state median income (same eligibility as regular HEAP benefits; see the chart below to see if your income fits EmPower New York Guidelines)
    I participate in a utility payment assistance program
  • I am an electricity or natural gas customer of Central Hudson, Con Edison, National Fuel, National Grid (Upstate, Metro and Long Island), NYSEG, Orange and Rockland, Rochester Gas & Electric and pay SBC
    heat with oil, propane, or kerosene
  • I am responsible for paying utility bills 

EmPower New York Income Eligibility Guidelines 2013-2014*

Household Size Maximum Gross Monthly Income Maximum Gross Annual Income
1 $2,175 $26,100
2 $2,844 $34,128
3 $3,513 $42,156
4 $4,182 $50,184
5 $4,852 $58,224
6 $5,521 $66,252
7 $5,646 $67,752
8 $5,772 $69,264
9 $5,897 $70,764
10 $6,023 $72,276
11 $6,461 $77,532
Each Additional Add $503

*The current income guidelines for EmPower New York are set at 60% of the state median income.

Last Updated: 08/15/2014
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