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Lighting Applications

Save Energy Everywhere

Energy- and money-saving CFLs and LEDs can work for almost any application, in any room of your house.

When You Turn On the Lights, They Should Return the Favor

Find Energy Star CFLs for Every Room in Your House

Ever notice how the right lighting can turn a drab room into an inviting, almost magical space? Or how it can alter a humdrum kitchen into a magnet for family and friends?

Light can be truly transformative. This remarkable quality holds true for these new lighting technologies. LEDs and CFLs now match and even surpass the previous standard for light quality—the incandescent bulb.

The expanding product choices give you many options for color, brightness, bulb style and functionality. Now you can make your home environment as inviting and functional as you wish, and save energy and money in the bargain.

Energy-efficient light bulbs come in many shapes, sizes and functions:

Small fixture (ceiling fans, chandeliers, etc.) Globe
Soft, warm for living rooms Spiral
Crisp bright white for tasks Reading Lamps
Daylight/full-spectrum light Dimmable
Recessed & track lighting 3-Way
Outdoor (security, spot, patio, ground) Pendant

Warm or Cool, It's Up to You

Light color is measured in degrees Kelvin. The chart below explains the light color that corresponds to different Kelvin ranges.

Location Ideal Lighting Kelvin (K)
Living room, den, bedroom, or hallway Soft white (warm, yellowish glow) 2,500-3,000K
Kitchen, bathroom, or work area Bright white (crist, white light) 3,500-4,100K
Reading area, detail-oriented workspace, or outdoor Daylight (cool, bluish light similar to natural sunlight) 5,000-6,500K
Last Updated: 06/20/2014