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ENERGY STAR qualified home office and imaging products use 60% less energy

Home offices are becoming increasingly more common as families share computers, printers and scanners for work and school. Home office equipment is often on for long periods of time, so choosing energy-efficient products and power management tools is essential for keeping household energy use and costs in check.

Change for the better with ENERGY STAR

ENERGY STAR® certified office and imaging products use as much as 60% less energy than traditional machines. They use less energy while performing regular tasks and have energy-saving features that allow them to automatically enter a low-power mode when they are not being used.

Save even more energy by turning off your home office equipment when you're not using it, or use an advanced power strip that will shut down the power for you. When you turn off your computer, the advanced power strip disconnects the power supply to the peripheral devices completely, eliminating standby electricity use.

power strip

The following ENERGY STAR certified home office products can help you use less energy, save money and help the environment.

Computers & Monitors

Did you know that ENERGY STAR certified computers use energy efficiently when you're actively using them, as well as while they’re in standby and sleep modes? They also include a more efficient internal power supply, ensuring energy savings at all times. Invest in an ENERGY STAR certified computer and you could be using 20% to 50% less energy.

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Not sure if you should get a laptop or desktop computer for your home office? Laptops use less energy than desktop computers, so you may want to factor that into your decision.

ENERGY STAR certified monitors must also meet energy efficiency requirements in the on, off, and sleep modes. Enabling your monitor's power management feature, and turning it off when you're not using it, saves even more energy, helping it to run cooler and last longer.

Printers & Imaging Equipment

photo printer
all in one printer

ENERGY STAR certified imaging equipment, such as printers, copiers and fax machines, use between 30% and 75% less energy than standard equipment. These energy-efficient models also power down automatically when you’re not using them.

Consider this:

  • ENERGY STAR certified all-in-one units that combine printing, faxing and scanning use less energy than three separate machines
  • ENERGY STAR certified printers, copiers and all-in-one units print double-sided pages, helping you reduce copying and paper costs
  • ENERGY STAR certified imaging equipment runs cooler and lasts longer, helping you save on cooling and maintenance costs
  • ENERGY STAR certified mailing machines save electricity, time and money
  • Using an advanced power strip with ENERGY STAR certified imaging equipment can save you even more

Find a retailer near you that sells ENERGY STAR certified products and start saving today!

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Last Updated: 06/11/2014