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ENERGY STAR® certified dehumidifiers feature more efficient refrigeration coils, fans and compressors that result in the use of 20% less energy than standard units. They also remove the same amount of moisture as similarly sized standard units and can be used at temperatures as low as 42 degrees Fahrenheit.

To get maximum dehumidification and energy efficiency, ask your retailer to help you find the right size unit with the highest Energy Factor to meet your needs.

ENERGY STAR gives you a comfortable, affordable home energy bill

Room Air Cleaners

ENERGY STAR certified room air cleaners are 35% more energy efficient than standard models and can save you up to $150 in energy costs over the life of the product. Many models feature remote control settings, timers and adjustable vents to help you save even more. So breathe easier, and cleaner, knowing that you’re paying less to remove dust and pollen from the air in your home.

Boost your energy savings with these energy-saving tips.

Last Updated: 10/27/2014