New York ENERGY STAR® Certified Homes

Gain a competitive edge by building high-performance homes, such as a New York ENERGY STAR®  Certified Home or Green Residential Building Program. With incentives available from NYSERDA, these homes must meet higher energy and environmental standards. These homes combine quality construction materials with best practices to build beautiful homes that are cost-effective and have less impact on the environment.

New York ENERGY STAR Certified Homes

New York ENERGY STAR Certified Homes features reduced air leakages, increased insulation levels, high-performance windows, as well as energy-efficient heating, cooling, lighting and appliances. This makes for a home that is more comfortable and uses less energy than a conventionally-built home. Homeowners can save every year, reducing the cost of home ownership. Differentiate yourself in the marketplace by providing a superior product to your customers that uses less energy and is good for the environment, while earning valuable incentives.

Last Updated: 07/01/2014