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NY-Sun Incentive Program

Grid-tied solar electric systems convert sunlight into electricity. PV panels can be either roof or ground-mounted, and connect to your existing electric service. As long as your PV system is connected to the utility grid, its clean electricity can be used in your home or business, or “banked” into the utility grid for later use. Through a process known as net metering, your utility will accept your excess solar power when you are producing more than you are using, and will supply you with reliable grid power when the sun is not shining. Your utility company will base your bill on the difference between your solar production and electric use.

The NY-Sun Incentive program provides incentives for installing solar electric systems throughout New York State. In combination with other components of the NY-Sun Initiative, the goal of the NY-Sun Incentive Program is to facilitate a self-sustaining solar electric industry in New York as incentives are lowered and eventually eliminated in response to demand.

Incentives are distributed via an incentive structure that allocates MWs to specific regions and sectors of the State, which is known as a Megawatt Block Structure.

The Megawatt Block regions are:

  • Served by Con Edison*
  • Served by PSEG Long Island*
  • The balance of the State (Upstate)*

*Incentives for NYPA customers are based on the utility operating in your region.

The Megawatt Block sectors are defined as:

  • Residential systems (up to 25 kilowatts (kW) - based on the direct current (DC) nameplate rating)
  • Nonresidential systems (up to 200 kW)
  • Nonresidential systems (larger than 200 kW available in spring 2015)

Under the Megawatt Block incentive structure, each region and sector is assigned a series of MW targets at certain incentive levels, referred to as “blocks.” As applications are submitted, incentives are assigned and the kW associated with the applications are added together and the units are converted to MW. When the MW target for that block is reached, the block is closed and a new block, with a new target and a lower incentive level, is started. Once all of the blocks for a particular region and sector are filled, an incentive for that region and sector will no longer be offered. View available incentives by block.

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Last Updated: 09/15/2014
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How To Participate

Choose a participating contractor to perform your installation, then make arrangements with your contractor who will:

  • Inspect your location for sizing, and placement
  • Assist with paperwork for applying to the NYSERDA program that best meets your needs, including low-interest financing options
  • Perform the installation

See Program Details in PON 2112

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Who Can Participate

Residential customers and commercial customers (including nonresidential applications such as larger multi-unit buildings, schools, not-for-profit, and governmental)

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Who To Contact

Technical Questions
Frank Mace,
Senior Project Manager
518-862-1090, Ext 3433

Program Questions - Con Edison and Upstate
Marci Brunner,
Senior Project Manager
518-862-1090, Ext 3415

Program Questions - Long Island
Bob Boerner,
Manager of Renewable Program

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