NY-Sun Incentive Program

Grid-tied solar electric systems convert sunlight into electricity. PV panels can be either roof or ground-mounted, and connect to your existing electric service. As long as your PV system is connected to the utility grid, its clean electricity can be used in your home or business, or “banked” into the utility grid for later use. Through a process known as net metering, your utility will accept your excess solar power when you are producing more than you are using, and will supply you with reliable grid power when the sun is not shining. Your utility company will base your bill on the difference between your solar production and electric use.

The NY-Sun Incentive program provides incentives for installing solar electric systems throughout New York State. In combination with other components of the NY-Sun Initiative, the goal of the NY-Sun Incentive Program is to facilitate a self-sustaining solar electric industry in New York as incentives are lowered and eventually eliminated in response to demand.

Last Updated: 10/06/2014