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NYSERDA's On-Site Wind Program

NYSERDA has a program that offers incentives to individuals or organizations that are interested in installing wind turbines to produce some or all of their own electricity. The program offers incentives (rebates) for qualified equipment installed by eligible installers. The NYSERDA incentive will be based on the expected annual energy output (AEO) of the proposed wind energy system, as calculated by the Wind Professional Wind Resource Report determined from the New York State Small windExplorerLink opens in new window - close new window to return to this page.. Wind turbines must be included in NYSERDA list of Eligible Wind Turbines and installations must be completed by an Eligible Installer.

If you are interested in purchasing a wind energy system, visit the New York State Small windExplorer (http://nyswe.awstruepower.com/) Link opens in new window - close new window to return to this page. to see the wind energy potential at your site.  Enter an address into the “Search” box and click “Search.”  (The pin may be moved to the exact location of the wind energy system.)  Next click “Get Report” and follow the instructions to produce a Customer Report.  Generally, NYSERDA does not recommend wind systems for sites as to which the “Wind Energy Potential,” as shown on the Customer Report, is “Very Poor.”  

Incentive Levels

If the AEO is 10,000 kWh or less, than the NYSERDA incentive is $3.50 per kWh.

  • Example: If the AEO of the turbine is 7,400 kWh, the NYSERDA incentive is $25,900. [7,400 kWh x $3.50/kWh]

If the AEO is greater than 10,000 kWh, but not greater than 125,000 kWh, than the NYSERDA incentive is $35,000 plus $1.00 per kWh for every kWh greater than 10,000 kWh.

  • Example: If the AEO of the turbine is 32,500 kWh, the NYSERDA incentive is $57,500. [$35,000 + (22,500 kWh x $1.00/kWh)]

If the AEO is greater than 125,000 kWh, but not greater than 1,000,000 kWh, than the NYSERDA incentive is $150,000 plus $.30 per kWh for every kWh greater than 125,000 kWh.

  • Example: If the AEO of the turbine is 200,000 kWh, the NYSERDA incentive is $172,500. [$150,000 + (75,000 kWh x $.30/kWh)]

If the AEO is greater than 1,000,000 kWh, than the NYSERDA incentive is $412,500 plus $.15 per kWh for every kWh greater than 1,000,000 kWh.

  • Example: If the AEO of the turbine is 2,500,000 kWh, the NYSERDA incentive is $637,500. [$412,500 + (1,500,000 kWh x $.15/kWh)]

The New York State Small windExplorer is not appropriate for building-mounted turbines or for turbines to be installed in an urban environment. Potential installers of these systems must provide a detailed analysis of their methodology for determining average annual wind speed and estimated annual energy output.


  • The maximum incentive available is $1,040,000 per site/customer.
  • The maximum equipment size shall be 2 MW per site/customer.
  • The NYSERDA incentive shall also not exceed 50% of the total installed cost of the wind energy system.
  • Systems shall be sized such that the expected AEO (kWh/year) by the system will not exceed 110% of the customer’s annual electric energy usage, including eligible remote meters.
  • For sites that do not have 12 months of electric consumption or that are increasing their electric use, an estimated energy use analysis may be used to predict that usage.
  • Incentives are only available for the installation of new equipment and wind energy systems that have not been installed (partially or completely) prior to NYSERDA approval of an incentive application submitted in accordance with the terms and conditions of PON 2439.
  • Incentives are only available to Eligible Installers and incentives must be passed on to customers.
  • Incentives will not be provided directly to customers who purchase and install their own wind energy systems.
  • For multiple turbines installed at a site, the NYSERDA incentive is based on the AEO of all turbines combined and is not based on the AEO of each individual turbine. For example: If two turbines are installed and the AEO for each turbine is 10,000 kWh, the NYSERDA incentive will be $45,000 and not $70,000.

Changes in Incentive Levels

Although incentive levels are expected to stay at these levels, incentive levels may be changed at any given time during the program, for any reason. Eligible Installers will be notified of any program changes via e-mail and the changes will also be posted on NYSERDA’s web site. Applications that are complete when received by NYSERDA will not be subject to subsequent changes in incentive levels.

How and When Cash Incentives Are Paid

There are a few important facts to know about the incentives offered under this program:

  • Incentive payments are not paid directly to the owner of the wind system
  • Incentives are paid to eligible installers that have been approved to participate in this program
  • The entire incentive must be passed on to the owner of the wind system by the eligible installer
  • Incentives are paid in two installments. Sixty-five percent (65%) of the incentive is paid after the equipment is delivered to the installation site and all required permits, approvals, certificates, etc. from all jurisdictions having authority are secured. The remaining thirty-five percent (35%) is paid when the wind system is grid-connected and approved by your utility. NYSERDA reserves the right to review any installation prior to final incentive payment is made.
  • Incentives will not be paid for wind systems installed by contractors or individuals that are not on NYSERDA's list of eligible installers.

Additional Benefits of Buying a Wind System Under This Program

All wind systems, under 100kW, installed with incentives by this program will come with a full five-year parts and labor warranty; for systems 100 kW and larger, the warranty is two years. The wind system will include an easy-to-read digital meter allowing customers and installers to monitor system performance. All wind systems will be monitored for energy production, at least twice a year, for two years. If the wind system is not operating at specified performance goals, an installer will inspect the system components. NYSERDA will review each proposed wind system design, all incentive applications, and every customer purchase agreement. The scope of the NYSERDA review shall be limited solely to determining whether NYSERDA's program conditions have been met and shall not include any type of safety review. NYSERDA shall work closely with each eligible installer and monitor their performance throughout the program. Eligible Installers are responsible for all paperwork required under this program.

Important Note

NYSERDA is not responsible for assuring that the design, engineering, and construction of the project or installation of any wind system is proper or complies with any particular laws (including patent laws), regulations, codes, or industry standards. NYSERDA does not make any representations of any kind regarding the results to be achieved by the wind systems or the adequacy or safety of such measures. Choosing an Eligible Installer - The eligible installers list will be updated as new installers are added to the program. Please check the list periodically, as new installers continue to be added to the eligible installer list. Eligible installers have been selected based on their experience installing wind systems, training, education, and recommendations from past customers. Installer performance will be continually monitored through inspections, customer feedback, and ability to meet all program terms and conditions. Installers may be removed from NYSERDA's program if they do not meet the program requirements.

State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQR)

Under the provisions of the SEQR, NYSERDA must determine if the funding of any action may have a significant impact on the environment, regardless of any other authority’s determination. SEQR review should begin with an application to the Town board, zoning, land-use or other local approval-granting body. The issuance of a Negative Declaration by any authority having approval authority will be considered by NYSERDA in its determination. If no local authority has SEQR jurisdiction, a completed SEQR “Short Form” Environmental Assessment Form (“EAF”) and Appendix B, The Visual EAF Addendum, must be provided. Additional documentation may also be required at NYSERDA’s sole discretion. This flow diagram [PDF] should help installers determine what actions are necessary. Additional information about the process and forms are available on the Department of Environmental ConservationLink opens in new window - close new window to return to this page. website.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Last Updated: 04/29/2014
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How To Participate

  • The On-Site Wind Turbine Incentive Program is a first-come, first-served open enrollment program, where the Participating Eligible Installer submits your application
  • Choose a Participating Eligible Installer to perform your installation, then make arrangements with them to:
    • Inspect your location for sizing, and placement
    • Provide a quote
    • Assist with paperwork for applying to the program
    • Assist with obtaining local approval for the installation
    • Perform the installation
  • Visit PON 2439 to view program requirements.
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Who Can Participate

You must pay into the System Benefits Charge

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Who To Contact

Mark Mayhew
Project Manager

518-862-1090, Ext 3319

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