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Residential Advanced Cordwood Boiler

Incentives are available for advanced cordwood boiler heating systems with full thermal storage for installations in the residential and small commercial sectors. The installation must include full thermal storage as outlined in the Program Manual [PDF]. All systems must use eligible boilers [PDF].

Incentives and Financing

Incentives up to $8,000 are available.  This amount is based on 20% of installed costs up to $4,000 per unit with an additional $4,000 for documented removal and destruction of a previously installed and functioning Outdoor or Indoor Wood Boiler. Incentives are available on a first-come, first-served basis, and will only be reserved for customers once an application has been approved by NYSERDA.

Incentives are paid upon approval of the Incentive Application directly to the Installer and passed on in the full amount to the customer. Incentives will not be provided directly to customers purchasing or installing the new system. Incentives are only available for new equipment and systems that have not been installed (partially or completely) prior to NYSERDA approval of a Project Application.

You may qualify for a low-interest loan to help pay for eligible project costs.

Participation Details

Complete the customer inquiry form and you will be put you in touch with an Installer.

Participating Installers must have demonstrated technical competence in the design and installation of advanced cordwood boilers and have signed a written Participation Agreement with NYSERDA. Installers are responsible for preparing and submitting all necessary incentive paperwork to NYSERDA. 

Last Updated: 08/28/2014
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How to Apply

  • Complete the customer inquiry form 
  • You will be put you in touch with an installer
  • The installer will prepare and submit necessary paperwork
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New York State homeowner or business owner without natural gas service

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Who To Contact

Ryan Moore,
Project Manager

1-866-697-3732, Ext 3267

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For Installers/Contractors

For additional information on how to become a qualified installer and to sign up for upcoming training opportunities: 

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