Offshore Wind in NY State

New York, through various programs funded via the Systems Benefit Charge (SBC) and the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) authorized by the Public Service Commission (PSC), has achieved great success in supporting the development of renewable energy technologies and the operation of renewable generating resources to meet our near term environmental goals. However, there is growing recognition that the State’s longer term renewable generation and greenhouse gas reduction goals will not be achieved with current technology deployed at a distance from large center of electricity usage (load centers) such as New York City.

Many believe that offshore wind energy could be expected to become the most viable option available for delivering utility-scale renewable electric generation to the densely populated downstate region of New York in the coming decade(s). Robust wind resources, large electrical loads and industrial and port capacity make the east coast attractive for wind development. Exploiting these resources is made challenging by an operating environment that is more complex to model and volatile to operate within, turbine technology that is continuously evolving, and the need to establish a development and operational infrastructure (supply and services industry) that does not exist today in the US.

In this early phase of development of offshore wind energy in the US and New York, NYSERDA has commissioned several assessments conducted by industry experts aimed at developing a base of knowledge about such things as seabed conditions, water depth, winds, waves and currents, marine life and birds that might be affected by placing wind turbines in the ocean region known as the New York Bight. These assessments highlight potential impacts and gaps in knowledge that would need further consideration before development could proceed. These assessments are available below:

Atlantic Coast

Summary of Physical and Environmental Qualities for the Proposed Long Island [PDF|2.7 MB]
Pre-Development Assessment of Geophysical Qualities [PDF|4.85 MB]
Pre-Development Assessment of Meteorological and Oceanographic Conditions[PDF|6.79 MB]
Pre-Development Assessment of Natural Resources [PDF|13.2]
Pre-Development Assessment of Avian Species [PDF|3.27 MB]

A similar assessment for the Great Lakes bordering New York can be found below:

Great Lakes

New York's Offshore Wind Energy Development Potential in the Great Lakes: Feasibility Study [PDF|14.7 MB]

New York Wildlife and Marine Wind Energy Project

There is growing interest in developing marine wind energy in New York and elsewhere. However, it is still unclear what impacts such development could have on wildlife, including birds, bats, sea turtles, fish, and marine mammals. In an effort to help regulators and developers respond to permitting needs, NYSERDA and Biodiversity Research Institute (BRI) are facilitating a collaborative effort to help define the goals of environmental assessments and identify priorities for future research. Learn more about the New York Wildlife and Marine Wind Energy Project.


A representative list of resources affected, NYS agencies and regulations impacted by siting offshore wind in the Atlantic Ocean can be found here:
NYS STATE Regulations Applicable for Offshore Wind [PDF]
Interested parties are urged to contact the appropriate NYS agency to discuss their interest directly.

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