Electrically Heated Buildings

Electric Heat? We’ll Help You See Impressive Energy Savings

If your multifamily building currently uses electricity for heat, you have an excellent opportunity to slash energy waste. Buildings that convert to gas heating or optimize their electric heating through NYSERDA’s Multifamily Performance Program for Existing Buildings typically see a major reduction in energy costs, often well above 15 percent.

Top-to-Bottom Energy Savings—and Benefits to Match

Working with an expert Multifamily Performance Partner, you’ll start with a comprehensive building assessment, resulting in a detailed Energy Reduction Plan explaining how your building is wasting energy—and the best solutions to stop it

Then take advantage of financing at about half the market rate as you upgrade the energy efficiency of your building and earn cash incentives that can easily total in the hundreds of thousands. Visit the Existing Buildings overview page for incentive details.

Choose the Best Pathway for Your Building and Your Goals

The exact upgrades you make when you participate in the Multifamily Performance Program will depend on the recommendations in your Energy Reduction Plan, but electrically heated buildings generally take one of two pathways. You can convert to a natural gas-powered system or you can optimize your electric heat system by adding more advanced controls and repairing damaged baseboards.

Find a Partner

Take the First Step Today. Talk to an Expert.

Multifamily Performance Partners throughout New York State are available to answer your questions and help you get your energy upgrade project moving. To find Partners who serve your area, use our Partner Locator map.

Last Updated: 02/11/2013