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Fast Track Program

Fast Track: a streamlined option for small- to medium-sized buildings

If you own or manage an existing multifamily building with 5-49 units, you’re eligible for Fast Track; a way for you to upgrade energy performance and earn cash incentives on a shorter timetable, with less administrative work than the standard Multifamily Performance Program.

Get a head start on your project

Find a Partner

Fast Track upgrade projects begin with an energy assessment and a custom Energy Reduction Plan, created by the Multifamily Performance Partner of your choice (use the Partner Locator tool to find Partners in your area). Compared to the standard Multifamily Performance Program, the Energy Reduction Plan will be completed more quickly. Fast Track also offers an option to review a summarized version of the Energy Reduction Plan ahead of the full report and get your energy upgrades - like installing a new boiler, adding insulation or updating light fixtures - underway sooner.

Earn the same incentives - at a faster pace

Fast Track follows a simpler timetable than the standard Multifamily Performance Program. There is just one inspection after the project is 100 percent complete. Following the inspection, all incentives are paid in a single sum.

Fast Track incentive amounts

Affordable Firm Gas (per unit) Affordable Non-Firm Gas (per unit) Market Rate Firm Gas (per unit) Market Rate Non-Firm Gas (per unit)
$1000 $800 $700 $500

If your Energy Reduction Plan projects an energy savings of 20 percent or more and you reach or exceed the target, you may qualify for an additional performance payment. The more energy you save, the more money you receive.

Performance payment amounts

Tier Performance Payment (per unit)
Tier #1 - 20%-22% $150
Tier #2 - 23%-25% $200
Tier #3 - 26%-28% $250
Tier #4 - 29%+ $300

Low-interest financing makes your upgrades more affordable

Fast Track energy upgrade projects are eligible for up to $1 million in Green Jobs – Green New York financing, which is available below market rate.

Take the next step and get your Fast Track project started

Taking advantage of Fast Track can reduce your overall project cost, and the total incentive amounts are the same as they would be for any Multifamily Performance Program energy upgrade project. The difference is speed, convenience and simplicity.

Contact a Multifamily performance Partner to get started now.
Learn more about the Multifamily Performance Program.

Last Updated: 09/16/2014