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Get a clear view of your building’s energy profile - and a $500 incentive

The Multifamily Energy Performance Portfolio's Benchmarking component offers a simple, easy and affordable way for building owners to understand how their buildings use energy—and uncover the causes of energy waste. Here’s how it works:

  1. Contact a Multifamily Performance Partner to perform your assessment.
  2. Your Partner will conduct a walk-through assessment of your building and analyze past energy use.
  3. Shortly after the Benchmarking assessment your partner will share an easy-to-understand report that shows how your building uses energy, and ranks its energy efficiency relative to comparable buildings. Your report will detail low- and no-cost improvements you can make to reduce your energy consumption and save money.
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When the Benchmarking process is done you will receive your $500 incentive. You’ll also have a strong understanding of where your building’s energy use stands, what you can do to start saving energy immediately, and how participating in the Multifamily Performance Program can help you create a significant energy savings and qualify for major incentives.

To get started, contact a Multifamily Performance Partner in your area. Your Partner will gather all the information required and keep the process moving forward.

Last Updated: 06/03/2013