Multifamily Performance Partners

There’s profit in partnership

Become a Multifamily Performance Partner and expand your client base—and your profit margins

As a NYSERDA Multifamily Performance Partner, you can convert your expertise in using a whole-building approach to energy efficiency into more leads, bigger projects and greater business success.

Partners are an essential element of NYSERDA’s Multifamily Performance Program (MPP), which provides incentives to help residential building owners, developers and condo/co-op boards improve the energy efficiency of their buildings. For MPP participants, Partners are a key resource, serving as advocates, experts and guides through every step of the program—from application to project completion.  Listen to our webinar on the Multifamily Performance Program, the role of the Partner and its impact on your business, as well as walk through the application process.

Download our MPP Partner Brochure [PDF].

Benefits that grow your business

  • Gain a competitive advantage—offer your customers access to MPP incentives and low-interest financing through NYSERDA’s Green Jobs – Green NY program.
  • Capture leads through the NYSERDA website listing of partners, sponsored events and outreach—MPP and its generous incentives are promoted through a variety of media to building owners and managers.
  • Tackle larger-scale projects with a whole-building emphasis; form deeper relationships with clients that can lead to additional business.
  • Build your technicians’ skills through NYSERDA training—some programs are free and others are offered at reduced cost.
  • Tap into a broad knowledge base and best practices through NYSERDA’s current implementation partner, TRC Energy Services

What kinds of companies become Partners?

Partners bring varied expertise to their roles. Some are builders or construction experts; some are developers, HVAC specialists, non-profit advocacy organizations. Some have been in the building trades for years; some have grown their businesses by becoming specialists in the energy efficiency market.

What do Partners do?

Partners begin their engagements by helping their clients estimate and understand the long-term ROI to be gained from energy efficiency upgrade projects, and ensure they take full advantage of NYSERDA’s incentive programs to offset as much of the cost as possible. Clients work with their Partners through final implementation of the projects. Clients also have the option to hire their Partner to install measures if they are qualified to do so.

Eligibility requirements are straightforward

We look for Partners who have previously acted in a lead capacity on at least three multifamily projects for which a comprehensive energy efficiency scope of work was developed and fully implemented. If your organization does not meet this requirement, we look for an explicit plan for how you will transfer the experience you do have to the multifamily market. See our FAQ section for more information.

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Last Updated: 09/19/2013