Funding and Technical Assistance Programs

NYSERDA has many funding and technical assistance programs to help you identify and implement energy efficiency improvements at your water or wastewater facility.

Identification of Energy Efficient Opportunities

Energy studies can help to identify opportunities for energy efficiency improvements by evaluating equipment, controls, operations, processes, biogas production, and co-generation. Customized energy evaluations are cost-shared by NYSERDA. The FlexTech Program uses NYSERDA FlexTech consultants or an independent service provider to provide customized energy evaluations. In this program, if a NYSERDA FlexTech consultant is used, NYSERDA and the municipality each pay the FlexTech Consultant 50% of the study cost. If an independent service provider is used, the municipality pays the service provider directly and is reimbursed by NYSERDA up to 50% pending approval of the final report.

Responsibilities of the consultant hired under the FlexTech Program to provide cost-shared energy evaluations may include:

  • General Energy Feasibility Studies and Technical Support
  • Peak-Load Reduction and Load Management
  • Industrial and Process Efficiency Analysis
  • Data center energy analysis assistance
  • Energy planning and purchasing support
  • Energy Efficiency Retro-commissioning
  • Long-Term Energy and Carbon Management

Implementation of Energy Efficient Improvement Projects

NYSERDA offers programs to help water and wastewater facilities increase energy and process efficiency, save money and often increase capacity or treatment levels.

The Existing Facilities Program offers incentives for a variety of energy projects. Pre-Qualified Incentives offer a process that encourages customers of small energy and equipment replacement projects to purchase and install more energy efficient equipment including lighting, HVAC and chillers, variable frequency drives (VFDs), and interval meters. Performance-Based Incentives include electric incentives, gas incentives, demand response incentives, combined heat and power incentives, and industrial process efficiency incentives.

The Anaerobic Digester Gas (ADG)-to-Electricity Program seeks to support the purchase, installation and operation of ADG-fueled electric power generation equipment. As part of the Program, NYSERDA provides cash incentives using Capacity and Performance-Based electricity production incentives. This program is periodically reopened.

Other Assistance Programs

NYSERDA offers assistance to municipalities who are interested in the research and development, demonstration and deployment of underused and innovative technologies to improve energy efficiency at water and wastewater treatment plants. The Municipal Water and Wastewater Research, Development and Demonstration Program may provide funding to offset the project cost. Cost sharing is required; competitive solicitations are periodically reopened.

The New Construction Program (NCP) can provide assistance to incorporate energy-efficiency measures into the design, construction, and operation of new and substantially renovated buildings. These measures are designed to save energy through reduced electric demand, and therefore reduce building operating costs. Technical assistance is available to help evaluate energy-efficiency measures and provide guidance on incorporating new and emerging energy-efficient technologies into your facility. Funding is available to offset the additional costs associated with the purchase and installation of approved equipment.

Other NYSERDA programs include:

Many facilities have already taken advantage of NYSERDA's funding and technical assistance programs. To learn more about their experiences, visit the NYSERDA Case Studies page.

Last Updated: 06/17/2014