2009 Innovations in Agriculture Conference

9th Annual Conference (2009)

Farming for the Future: How Climate Change Will Shape the Future of Farming in NYS

Climate Friendly Farming
Ron Khosla, Grow Climate Friendly

Designing Markets for Carbon Offsets: Opportunities and Challenges for the Agricultural Sector
Antonio Bento, Cornell University

Challenges and Opportunities for New York Farmers in a Changing Climate
David W. Wolfe, Cornell University

Renewable Fuels Roadmap

Overview of Renewable Fuels Roadmap and Sustainable Biomass Feedstock Study for New York
Nathan L. Rudgers, Farm Credit of Western New York

Total Fuel Cycle Analysis for Biofuels in the State of New York James J. Winebrake, RIT and Energy and Environmental Research Associates, LLC

Biomass Sustainability: What’s the Definition?
Tim Volk, SUNY ESF

Status of Switchgrass as an Emerging Crop for Bioenergy
Hilary Mayton, Cornell University

Current Controlled Environment Agriculture Projects in NYS

Regional CEA Expansion through Centralizing Critical Operations & Distributing Grow-Out Production on Sites with Energy Benefits
Bob La Due, Challenge Industries

Demonstration of an Aquaponics CEA System
Benjamin Ballard, SUNY Morrisville

Sustainable Urban CEA
Viraj Puri, Gotham Greens

Sustainable Urban Agriculture: Confirming Viable Scenarios for Production
Kubi Ackerman, Columbia University

Anaerobic Digesters Today and Tomorrow

NY Farm Digesters: Status and Lessons Learned
Curt Gooch and Jenny Pronto, Cornell and PRO-DAIRY

Net Metering and Renewable Portfolio Standard Funding Issues
Tom Fiesinger and Kathleen O’Connor, NYSERDA

NY Dairy Power Summit Action Plans: Next Steps
Richard C. Naczi, Executive VP - Strategic Industry Analysis and Evaluation, Dairy Management, Inc.

Federal and State Incentives and Legislation

Energy Audits: The First Step to Improve Energy Efficiency for Dairy and Greenhouse Operations
Dick Peterson, Northeast Agriculture Technology Corp

New Federal Tax Incentives and USDA Grant Recipients
Scott Collins, USDA

NYS Legislation Related to Agriculture
John Tauzel, NY Farm Bureau

Innovative Greenhouse Practices in the Netherland
(Martin Looije, Looije Agro Technics) Independent consultants for the greenhouse industry, consultant to: Saratoga Biogas, LLC and Saratoga Cheese Corporation; Albany, New York


Biomass Market Overview
Gabe Vincelette, Independent Consultant

Emissions Characterization of a High Efficiency Gasification Type Wood Pellet Boilers
James Laing, Clarkson

Application of a Mobile Biomass Pelletizer
Joe Heller and Libby Murphy, Hudson Valley Grass Energy

Grass Combustion Applications Issues
Jerry Cherney, Cornell University

Best Practices in Greenhouses

High Tunnels and Productivity Improvements in NYS
Chris Wien, Cornell University

Towards Zero Energy Greenhouses: Insolation, Insulation, Mass & Smart Controls
Larry Kinney, Synergistic Building Technologies

Low Carbon Footprint and Urban Agriculture
Jennifer Nelkin, Gotham Greens

High-Tech Controlled Environment Agriculture, Using Controls and Sensors to Optimize Output
Lou Albright, Cornell University

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