Innovations in Agriculture Conference

Agricultural development has evolved, altering our thinking about research capacity and approaches for investing in the ability to innovate. New York State Energy Research Development Authority (NYSERDA), a public benefit corporation, is helping the State of New York improve the productivity and profitability of the agricultural sector through value-added products, technology, and automated processes, and to provide cost-sharing for developing energy resources including wind power, solar energy, and natural gas exploration and production.

Each year, NYSERDA sponsors the Annual Innovations in Agriculture Conference, a symposium devoted to growing the Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) industry in New York. The term CEA is generally defined as the year-round greenhouse production of floral and vegetable crops in a controlled environment. CEA also refers to the technological attributes that allows for year around production of these crops in varying climates.

Topics covered at Innovations in Agricultural annual conferences include:

  • Controlled Environment Agricultural (CEA)
  • Production for a variety of vegetable and other
  • Plant crops
  • Improving productivity and processes of
  • The agriculture sector and related industries
  • Helping local governments plan for local
  • Wind power development
  • Improving efficient management of large-scale
  • Biomass resources
  • Controlled environment fish-farming
  • Assessing new market opportunities for New York
  • CEA and field crops due to rising diesel fuel costs

Visit Controlled Environmental Agriculture for additional information about CEA programs.

Last Updated: 07/01/2014