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ETAC-CI Program Participation

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Who is Eligible to Apply?

Any company, entity or team is invited to participate; teaming is encouraged. Applicants may include, but are not limited to:

  • Developers, manufacturers or vendors of new technologies or approaches
  • Building owners
  • Trade or professional organizations or utilities

What Types of Projects are Eligible?

NYSERDA will support demonstrations that meet all of the following requirements:

  • showcase a commercially available yet not widely deployed technology or approach; and
  • provide electric and/or gas energy efficiency and/or load management benefits compared to current standard technology or practices; and
  • demonstrate a clear market understanding and path to market; and
  • are replicable across New York State; and
  • can provide information on payback, return on investment, and/or lifecycle costs to Demonstration Host Sites; and
  • provide performance data from a previous project or projects.

Project Participants must:

  • Recruit a minimum of two discrete project sites as Demonstration Host Sites.  Sites must be located in New York State, and the majority of project benefits (e.g., kWh, MMBtu, and/or kW savings) must occur at Demonstration Host Sites that pay into the electric or gas System Benefits Charge (SBC). Note: NYSERDA reserves the right to waive this requirement on a case-by-case basis for projects including Demonstration Host Sites that meet the definition of “new construction” or “substantial renovation” as defined by NYSERDA’s New Construction Program.
  • Identify and articulate a clear path to market for the technology or approach. As part of the project application, Project Participants must: identify market or regulatory obstacles; identify target market, including customer and building types; identify and plan activities to develop the supply chain; and identify and plan targeted outreach/marketing to potential end users.
  • Develop and implement the project, including installation of the technology or implementation of the approach
  • Support the performance validation process by providing reasonable access to relevant data, staff, and equipment. Rigorous data collection methods will be employed, and data collection periods of 1 to 2 years may be required.
  • Provide a project performance report to NYSERDA at project completion, as well as interim semi-annual reports, to share findings such as commissioning results, project performance, costs, barriers and lessons learned
  • Perform outreach activities related to the project such as websites, webinars, press events and releases, site tours, reports and articles, case studies, and presentations at conferences and seminars

What Projects are Ineligible?

The ETAC-CI program focuses on demonstrating performance and increasing the visibility and market uptake of emerging technologies and approaches. The program seeks to avoid duplication of support offered through other NYSERDA programs. The following project types may be eligible for other NYSERDA programs but are not eligible for ETAC-CI:

  • Mature technologies or services, or opportunities or services that do not primarily deliver electric and/or gas energy efficiency and/or load management savings
  • Stand-alone renewable energy technologies such as solar electric or solar thermal, wind turbines, fuel cells, or anaerobic digesters. See Customer-Sited renewables.
  • Transportation projects and vehicle-charging stations. See Transportation.
  • Biomass-related projects. See Biomass.
  • Technologies that are eligible for incentives through NYSERDA's Existing Facilities or New Construction programs [See Existing Facilities Program Pre-qualified incentives worksheets or New Construction Program Pre-qualified incentives (PON 1601)], unless integrated within an otherwise eligible project.
  • Marketing or behavioral strategies lacking demonstrable on-site implementation at multiple Demonstration Host Sites
  • “One-off” or single-site demonstrations. Note: NYSERDA reserves the right to waive this requirement on a case-by-case basis for projects including Demonstration Host Sites that meet the definition of “new construction” or “substantial renovation” as defined by NYSERDA’s New Construction Program.
  • Any project where installation/implementation of the emerging technology or approach has already taken place at the Demonstration Host Site
    • Certain technologies that do not match the scope or goals of the program including but not limited to:
      • power quality and power factor improvement technologies,
      • and refrigerant and oil additives.

This program will not pay for the installation of an energy efficiency measure at a Demonstration Host Site where the Applicant or the Demonstration Host Site(s) has applied for or received an incentive or other compensation from an energy efficiency program administered by a utility company or NYSERDA for that same energy efficiency measure.

Which Option is Right for You?

Focused Demonstrations


Approximately $3.3 million in funding is available. Applicants, if selected, are eligible to receive up to $250,000 from NYSERDA, as well as performance validation services funded by NYSERDA. Applicant (or applicant team) must provide a minimum of 40% of project costs, and NYSERDA will provide up to 60% of eligible project costs. Participant Team cost-share may include in-kind contributions. The Project Incentive may be subject to adjustment after documentation of project costs and Participant Team cost-share are submitted by the Project Participant.

Two milestone payments will be made:

  • First Milestone Payment – 75% of Adjusted Project Incentive
  • Second Milestone Payment – 25% of Adjusted Project Incentive

Energy Performance Validation


NYSERDA will fund performance validation services for Project Participants in Energy Performance Validation projects.


In addition to the criteria previously listed, a) Technologies and approaches must be included in one of the Focused Demonstration Targeted Categories, and b) Independent performance validation from previous project(s) is required. Examples of independent performance validation include prior demonstration projects, case studies, or energy savings estimates conducted by energy efficiency program administrators, utilities, state energy offices, national laboratories, independent research laboratories, colleges and universities, regulatory bodies, trade or professional associations, etc. NYSERDA reserves the right to waive this requirement for certain Focused Demonstration Targeted Categories.


Performance data from previous project(s) is required.

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Last Updated: 04/30/2014