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Emerging Technologies and Accelerated Commercialization - Commercial/Institutional (ETAC-CI)

What are Emerging Technologies and Approaches?

Emerging technologies and approaches are commercially-available, energy-saving products, technologies or approaches that have not yet been widely adopted. Emerging technologies and approaches provide new or expanded opportunities for electric and gas efficiency and load management in commercial, industrial and institutional facilities, but may face barriers such as upfront costs, lack of contractor awareness and supply chain development.

Additional ETAC Programs

The ETAC-CI program encourages industry leaders to collaborate on in-field demonstrations and share their findings. Building owners and project developers work together to incorporate emerging technologies and approaches into energy efficiency projects, and collaborators can monitor, validate and publicize the savings potential. Through these showcase demonstrations, the ETAC-CI program supports market adoption of promising technologies and approaches. 

NYSERDA offers several types of support for clean energy product development and market adoption. Developers of pre-commercial technologies seeking funding for research, product development, and pilot demonstrations should review Program Opportunity Notice 2606 - Advanced Buildings Program.

The ETAC-CI program offers two participation options:

Focused Demonstrations

Supports multiple demonstrations of emerging technologies and approaches to accelerate market penetration. NYSERDA will provide funding for up to 60% of eligible installation costs, capped at a maximum of $250,000 per eligible project, and will fund performance validation services at the demonstration host sites, using technical consultants assigned by NYSERDA. Demonstration project eligibility is limited to emerging technologies and approaches that :

Energy Performance Validation

Supports validation of multiple demonstrations implemented by project developers, manufacturers, building owners or others seeking independent verification of performance and energy savings for emerging technologies and approaches. For eligible applicants, NYSERDA will fund and provide performance validation services at the demonstration project sites, using technical consultants assigned by NYSERDA. Demonstration project eligibility is limited to emerging technologies and approaches that provide performance data from previous project(s). Applicants are responsible for all project development and implementation costs, except for NYSERDA-provided performance validation.

The ETAC-CI program is designed primarily to provide a proving ground that leads to expanded market share for promising technologies and approaches through demonstrations at multiple locations. NYSERDA can help connect building owners who are offering their buildings to serve as host demonstration sites and project developers who need host sites to complete their applications. In addition to managing and funding or co-funding the installation of the technology (or implementation of the approach), applicants should expect to identify a clear path to market and to participate in commissioning, measurement, verification, reporting and outreach activities for a New York State audience, which may include press events and releases, site tours, and presentations at webinars or conferences. The primary work of performance validation (including measurement and verification) will be funded and provided by NYSERDA.

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Last Updated: 08/27/2014