Emerging Technologies and Accelerated Commercialization - Commercial/Institutional (ETAC-CI)

Building owners and technology developers can become pioneers that change markets through NYSERDA’s ETAC Program. By forging connections that enable real-world demonstrations, the program helps speed up the adoption of emerging technologies and approaches that are commercially-available, energy-saving products, technologies, or approaches.

ETAC-CI supports market adoption of promising emerging technologies and approaches in commercial, institutional, and nonprocess-related areas (e.g., lighting and other building systems). Industry leaders collaborate on in-field demonstrations and share their findings. Building owners and project developers work together to incorporate emerging technologies and approaches into energy efficiency projects, and collaborators can monitor, validate, and publicize the savings potential.

ETAC-CI provides three opportunities to participate as described in the following table.

  PON 2689
Energy Performance Validation
PON 2689
Focused Demonstrations
PON 2844
Large-Scale Demonstrations
Incentive Funding for energy savings validation services Up to 60% of installation costs, up to $250,000 $250,000 to $2.5 million per project
Eligible Technology/Approach Technologies/approaches with performance data from previous projects Targeted Categories with independent performance data from previous projects Commercially available yet under-used energy saving and/or load reduction technologies and strategies
Application Type Open enrollment Open enrollment
Competitively selected; proposals due September 22, 2014 and January 28, 2015
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Last Updated: 10/15/2014