Motor Vendors

NYSERDA’s Business Partners Program for Motor Systems website is a valuable resource for motor vendors and motor purchasers throughout the State of New York who are interested in saving energy through the stocking and installation of NEMA Premium® Motors.

The site contains marketing and motor management tools as well as internet resources that can assist vendors in building customer relationships and increase the sale of NEMA Premium Motors and variable speed drives. Educational opportunities are also available, to improve vendor technical and sales skills. A goal of the program is to assist vendors in successfully moving from the strictly “seller—purchaser” relationship to that of trusted adviser—partner with their customers.  NYSERDA offers targeted workshops‚ explaining the benefits of purchasing and installing NEMA Premium Motors to your customers.

Motor Purchasers support is available through NYSERDA’s Existing Facilities Program. This program is tailored to customers who purchase and install NEMA Premium Motors.

For example projects, see our case studies for motor vendors.

Last Updated: 12/10/2012