The Real Cost of Motors

Are NEMA Premium® Motors Different? Yes!

Qualifying NEMA Premium® Motors are typically constructed with superior materials, and longer warranties. You will not only benefit from energy savings, but also improve reliability and up-time by replacing worn out, potentially unreliable motors with the best motors available.

NEMA Premium Energy Efficient motors will save you money over the lifetime of a motor because they are 0.5% - 4% more efficient than the mandatory minimum efficiencies required by EPAct. The savings in operating costs add up so quickly that it really pays to go for the higher efficiency. Additionally, operating a NEMA motor reduces energy consumption, carbon dioxide emissions, and the impact of industrial operations on the environment.

Review the features of a Qualifying NEMA Premium® Motor that optimize motor system efficiency.

  • Premium Grade Steel Core
  • Efficient Cooling Fan
  • Larger Conductive Bars and End Rings
  • Thinner Steel Laminations
  • Modified Stator Slot Design
  • Longer Stator
  • Added Copper Wire of a Larger Diameter

Features of a NEMA Premium Energy Efficient Motor

Last Updated: 12/11/2013