Why Become a CLP Business Partner

Commercial Lighting Business Partners receive:

  • Cash incentives for qualified lighting projects
    • Qualifying Lighting Projects of 1,000 to 25,000ft2 receive an incentive of $750
    • Qualifying Lighting Projects of greater than 25,000ft2 receive and incentive of $0.03 per square foot*
      • Maximum per project incentive is $5,000
    • Qualifying Lighting Projects with a Technology Bonus receive an incentive of $0.02 per square foot of eligible affected space**
      • ***Maximum per project plus technology bonus is $7,000
    • NCQLP Certification Examination receive $300 per eligible proof of exam registration
  • Tools and resources for designing and installing effective, energy-efficient lighting that meets specific needs and provides better illumination
  • Free program and technical support from lighting specialists
  • Training sessions on effective lighting design strategies and new lighting technologies with additional web based resources
  • Project certificates for your customers and other marketing materials
  • A listing on NYSERDA’s Commercial Lighting Business Partners website and searchable map
  • A Business Partner logo identifying you as a Partner
  • Incentives to offset costs for professional lighting certification

Who Can Be a Business Partner

A Business Partner may be an electrical or lighting contractor, distributor, lighting designer, interior designer, architect, engineer, energy service company (ESCO), manufacturer’s representative, or other lighting decision maker who does business in New York State. Each Business Partner company must have at least one CLP-trained participant who serves as the Program contact.  

What Do I Have to Do to Remain a Business Partner

To remain listed as a Business Partner, each company must have at least one employee on staff who has completed the training provided in the Self-Qualification Packet. To attain an “active” status, the Business Partner submits a minimum of one project within six months of signing the Business Partner Participation Agreement. To maintain your Business Partner status, a minimum of one project per year must be submitted.  Details about retaining a Business Partner status are found in the Business Partner Participation Agreement.

What Projects Are Eligible

To qualify for incentives, the project must:

  • Meet the program criteria for energy efficiency and quality, use all new fixtures or fixture kits (lamp/ballast only replacements are not eligible), and for Lighting Emitting Diode (LED) projects, the LED product must be listed on either the DesignLights Consortium®Link opens in new window - close new window to return to this page. or ENERGY STAR® Qualified Products List Link opens in new window - close new window to return to this page..
  • The end user must be a customer of Central Hudson, Con Edison, NYSEG, National Grid, Orange and Rockland, or Rochester Gas and Electric and pay into the Systems Benefits Charge (SBC)
    Last Updated: 10/17/2014