Business Partner Resources

Partners who signed Participation Agreements prior to 11/1/2013 will need to re-register [PDF].

Commercial Lighting Business Partners receive:

  • Cash incentives for qualified lighting projects
    • Qualifying Lighting Projects of 1,000 to 25,000ft2 receive an incentive of $750
    • Qualifying Lighting Projects of greater than 25,000ft2 receive and incentive of $0.03 per square foot*
      • *Maximum per project incentive is $5,000
    • Qualifying Lighting Projects with a Technology Bonus receive an incentive of $0.02 per square foot of eligible affected space**
      • **Maximum per project plus technology bonus is $7,000
    • NCQLP Certification Examination receive $300 per eligible proof of exam registration
  • Tools and resources for designing and installing effective, energy-efficient lighting that meets specific needs and provides better illumination
  • Free program and technical support from lighting specialists
  • Training sessions on effective lighting design strategies and new lighting technologies with additional web based resources
  • Project certificates for your customers and other marketing materials
  • A listing on NYSERDA’s Commercial Lighting Business Partners website and searchable map
  • A Business Partner logo identifying you as a Partner
  • Incentives to offset costs for professional lighting certification

What Do I Have to Do to Remain a Business Partner

Details about retaining your Business Partner status are found in the Business Partner Participation Agreement, including:

  • To remain listed as a Business Partner, each company must have at least one employee on staff who has completed the training provided in the Self-Qualification Packet. 
  • To attain an “active” status, the Business Partner must submit a minimum of one project within six months of signing the Business Partner Participation Agreement. 
  • To maintain your Business Partner status, a minimum of one project per year must be submitted.   
Last Updated: 12/11/2013